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Thallassa Memoria.-
Dive to the Heart (thank you letter)
I'm not really sure where to put this to be honest.. wish I could make it so that everyone that has bought the item Dive to the Heart could see it, but anyhow.. here goes!

It honestly brings me SO much happiness to see people satisfied with the item. My partner (OricaIcum) and I wanted to just make a KH item, most of it consisted of Sora items (back when we were questing for a mini golden ticket); Sora's hair, Sora's Jacket+necklace and Kingdom Key (with other keyblades and Namine's bangs in mind if we got a golden ticket).

Alas our quest was taking too long and decided that a nice item to be remembered by and that what we both wanted the most was Kingdom Key. So when we saw we were pretty close to achieving 7t for a baby golden ticket, we went for it!

Of course, this wouldn't have been possible without the help of Odd Ciderella who donated 1.5T at the time! Sure, both and my partner and I could have somehow made it 1.5T but not as quickly, and by then there might not have been any BGTs left for us to buy.

It wasn't just Cinderella who supported us morally as well a financially, but many other people that stopped by our thread "Deep Dive Sanctuary" that has now died due to negligence. Seeing so many people encourage us and bump the thread helped during those times of "Nah, it's too much we should just give up. Maybe Gaia will make it or something."
And since I'm mentioning donators, there was also my friend Plantcat, Ayato Kirishomas best known as Noku and a passerby who thought or quest was worthy enough- Ringatiz.

There have been people that did not post on that thread and encouraged us through PMs or comments! Unfortunately it's too many for me to name ; u ;
But really, thank you to everyone from the bottom of our hearts!

With that said, I truly believe that the BGT was the only option from the beginning or at least it should have. I say this because, seeing yesterday all of the positive comments and reactions.. oh the reactions... all of the happiness of Kingdom Hearts fans warmed my heart. And to see the item sell SO quickly! More so since I don't see many listing on the MP, which leads me to believe most have bought it for keeps.

I also noticed that so many tagged others on the thread, or bought various copies for others. Seeing that friendship and bond between people.. there is really nothing better than that for me.

In the end, I'm glad so many were made because just thinking about all of those people that could have been left out breaks my heart. Neither my partner or I could have imagined such a positive outcome. To see so many Kingdom Hearts fans come from out of the shadows and rejoice together.

I will admit, both of us were really concerned over the quality and end result of the item after receiving our first mocks, and both Angels Alibi and Vannequinn helped us TREMENDOUSLY by letting us know that a. the second round will have a lot of improvement and b. explaining to us that there is no need to worry as well as how to communicate with the Gaia ticket staff efficiently, in the end calming our fears.

The project slowly went from something only we both wanted to something we would think everyone would enjoy when we shifted gears from a mini golden ticket to a baby one. What would like to leave behind to everyone? And as mentioned before, that was Kingdom Key.

With that said, although my partner and I have been getting a lot of gratification, this couldn't have been done without Danipanteez who oversaw our project and made sure we were satisfied with the final outcome. Not only that but THE ARTIST, although we provided the references and worked with suggestions, at the end of the day the artist was the one to bring the item to life.(who I believe might be zoobey since I recognize the way they make hearts, though I was told more than one artist worked on the item so I'm not sure about this)

So thank you.

Thank you to all of our friends, to everyone that bought an item for all of your support!

And to the artist(s) as well as the Gaia staff for such dedication and professional work!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

And of course, my personal thank you to OrichaIcum, because if I didn't have him for a partner.. I'm not sure I would have had the courage to even aim for something to big.

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