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Randomness and Randomness and Sushi

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Questing Thread Draft

~ Follow the T.O.S
~ Litaracy is preferred
~ Respect is a MUST
~ hbumps are loved
~ No page stretching
~ No advertising without permission
~ No cybering or flaming
~ Once again, have fun
~ Regulars get free art


About Lazuri:

Name: eh… Lazuri
Age: Wouldn’t you like to know?
Gaia bday: (for this accout) 02/05/2005
Status: Taken and very happy <3
Interests: Manga, anime, DDR, violin, piano, Adobe Photoshop, learning other languages
Favorite singer: Micheal Wong (Guang Liang <3)
Hobbies: Drawing, reading, watching Asian dramas, writing…
Eh… I’m very very lazy, procrastinate a lot, and sometimes I’m a hypocrite.
I’m Chinese and proud <3
And… I can’t think of anything else XD


The List
Eh, well, from the days of my n00bish-ness to now, I sold a ton of items I regret selling or trading, and I’m planning on getting them all back. So, here’s my impossibly long list of stuff :

-Kiki Kitty 11520/210,900
- Angelic Collar 0/4000
- Angelic Bracelets 108,500
- Guitar of Angelus 92,000
- Angelbow 26,900
-Mochi the Puppy 33,800
- Fox Tail 13,950
-Angelic Microphone 11,799
- Gwee the Dragon 14,940

And then the list that I plan of eventually questing for:
- DJ Studio Headphones ~30,000,000
- Bani Clips 152,500
- Pandy Pack 18,000
- Lunar Cloak 66,000
- Prism Butterfly Mantilla 28,499
- Winter Fox Mink 14,300

(all prices were found on 4/2/07)


Black List
(fools who shall never set eye or foot upon this sacred thread again):


The Loved:

(Awesome people who had the heart to donate. <3)


Contests and Giveaways:

None at the moment.

These are RANDOM. Or that we’re feeling generous.
DO NOT BEG. You’ll get blacklisted.
If we donate something, stick around. Don’t just leave because you got something.


Links and Banners:
(donated banners are luffed <3)


Kata's and my guild:

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What type of Fae are you?

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Find your Celestial Choir

&a href="http://onnachance.com/quiz/q3.php" target="new"&
<img src="http://onnachance.com/quiz/shape.jpg">
&/a&<br />
Take the &a href="http://onnachance.com/quiz/q3.php" target="new"&What Type of Friend Are You?&/a& quiz.

&a href="http://onnachance.com/quiz/q1.php" target="new"&
<img src="http://onnachance.com/quiz/geek.jpg">
&/a&<br />
Take the &a href="http://onnachance.com/quiz/q1.php" target="new"&What High School Stereotype Are You?&/a& quiz.
... im not quite like htat

<a href="http://onnachance.com/quiz/q2.php" target="new">
<img src="http://onnachance.com/quiz/goodfriend.jpg">
</a><br />
Take the <a href="http://onnachance.com/quiz/q2.php" target="new">What Type of Friend Are You?</a> quiz.
yeppers ^>^

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Community Member

User Image

1) Replace blank with a mood. So far, there are sad, love, angry, evil, happy, dreamy, dirty, confuzed, calm, hyper, murderous, destructive, ( idea from Jedi_Master_Icarus )bored, nice, cold hearted, silly, lurking,
deadly, dead, sick, and blank, for all of you with no emotions. LOL.

-just here so ill remember XP

Free artsies for meeee ^.^
User Image
User Image
-Both from shira-chan ^.^
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domo arigatou Usagi Yukime ^.^

Community Member

Community Member
i recently got obsessed with tektek, so here are some, im working on them:
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

-will put in the others some time or another-

Ive been back from nerd camp for almost a week, and every day, Ive been wishing i could be there instead of here...
Everyday here is boring, depressing, and the same thing every single day. I have been rotting infront of my computer most of the time... Is this normal?

Nerd camp was so awesome. The only down side was the day i left and the classes. I took expository writing, and it was sooooo boring. Seven hours a day (about) of reading hard, long, boring essays and writing about them. Fun.
I was the youngest in my class, the oldest was fifteen (i think) and there was a guy from Korea O.o. There was a person who broke his arm playing football a couple weeks before, and he was AMAZING at ERS.

The best parts were the activities and the time after meals where you could just hang out with everyone. I met a bunch of fellow card-o-holics and we played Chinese Poker (Chi-Poke) and ERS most of the time. Most of the other times, i was being attacked. (*coughTcoughMPcoughcough*)

The first weekend, we had Swashbuckler, Casino Night (I almost got married with a whole group of people), and the Photo Scavenger Hunt (where we got a picture of me being hung by a couple of lanyards). The second weekend, we had the CAA Easton Olympics, the Talent show, and the Water Carnival heart .
Swashbuckler was... erm... wierd... I got twenty five dollars to add to my original 100 (fake money) during Casino Night due to my win at chi-poke, singing kareoke, and nearly getting trampled while diving for ten dollars. The PhotoScavenger Hunt, all we had to do was take pictures of stuff on a list (i.e. historical momment, spell CAA in an intersting way, etc.)
The Olympics were okay... Someone put ice down my back... My team was Narnia. There was a Tug-a-war contest, quickest to do _ pushups, Jepordy, dodgeball etc.

-will finish later-

Community Member

Community Member
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
something i made on tekte, still working on it

here's another one:
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.me changed it abit

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