Depression is my life now. I have no purpose other than helping others live and prosper. But the whispers of the darkness makes me uneasy and kinda feel alone i dont know. Im better off alone i guess. My emptyness consumes me its the hardest part of living seeing others happy and me not being happy. I am happy for them yet my depression she is a cruel mistress of hate and makes life so beautiful yet sad i guess. Life is but another master piece in the world to be destroyed when the time comes and kept alive and beautiful while the piece is still new. i dont know its as love is when its new its beautifully amazingly happy but after a while it just turns into an old decreped and odd thing. But i dont know love is a joke of life sometimes bothings ever wrong and nothings ever right thats the joke.... Get it.... Neither does anyone else. Everyone else chases it and trys to concor it.... But..... Always fails for love is alive and very hard to figure. But when you do figure it its beautiful and nice. But as my story goes i am depressed and lonelness. But my purpose remains. As long as that and my friends are there i will be alive and well be alive and well until they end of time or at least part of the time... Life and love are jokes of the rhyme for all time.