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Moonlight Mermaid journal
Chapter 65: Revisited Memories
I woke up that morning before Ana, and went downstairs to find Mat already up. The two eels were up as well. Mat was reading the paper when Ana came in, I don’t think he read the paper often though. I don’t know what made it so interesting this morning. “Let’s see what everyone thinks of the mermaid,” She said snatching the paper from his hands playfully. Now I knew: the Entertainment Section. There was bound to be reviews about my performance last night in there. Mat complained only for Ana to say, “And I just got up. I don’t like to be disturbed when I’m like this.” I smiled. She wasn’t actually pissed.

User Image “Please, I’d rather you didn’t read it. It’s too embarrassing.” I said. She decided to anyways though. She glanced over them reading them allowed. “Ms. Melissa Sapphire Triton seems to be an angel, fallen from the heavens. Truly a bright and shining star.” One had said. Some said it was the biggest thing to happen at the opera since it opened. Another said I had a gorgous body to match my voice, followed by another saying the pictures I painted with my voice were just as pretty. They (Ana, Mat, and the eels) didn’t understand why I was embarrassed as great as I had been to get those kinds of reviews. The subject changed from me to Ana’s sister though very fast. I saw it in the paper as Mat pointed it out to us.

Deposed Diva takes a Dive it had read. Accomponied with the article was a picture of her sister unconscious in from of the opera house. She obviously fainted from hearing how well the show had gone without her horried voice to kill us all. This caused us all to burst out laughing. “Mat,” she asked. “would it be okay if Melissa and I had a girls’ day out today? Neither of us have to work today, so I figured we could use the day to have fun, like we used to.” She glanced at me. Mat agreed and joked about how Ana had gone off yesterday.

User Image We left after breakfast that morning. Apparently Ana and the eels (and possibly Mat) had been sneaking around the gardens at some point because we ended up in the gardens of the opera house. I was bored and tierd though. “Where are we going?” I asked as we passed through an archway covered in leaves. I wasn’t much for fashion trends and all but I’d much rather have been shopping. While walking, Ana stopped while admiring the garden, and I bumped into her. When I got her attention again we sat on a bench made of marble by a small fountain. As we sat down I had a strong sense that Lelouch was nearby. This was his gardens. This was the gardens Lelouch tended to. He wasn’t taking care of the flowers though; he was watching Ana and me in the shadows. I glanced towards a Roman Temple like structure, and saw him hiding behind a one of the support beams looking towards us. I didn’t want Ana to get suspicious so I looked away as she started into her story.

“You remember that I ran away from home after Erik abandoned me,” she said. I nodded and asked for her to continue. “I wasn’t always a Sea Witch you know.” She said. She wasn’t? I knew she said she was “self-taught” but I didn’t think she meant she had been human at one point. “No. Joke. I didn’t even have anything remote to magic until 3 months after I ran away, July of the year before we met. I travelled for a little over a month, earning money where I could, reading whenever possible, and trying to establish a new life for myself.” She told me. “I took care not to stray into the houses of people who knew my parents; I was certain they would turn me in if they caught me.” Of course they would. Wouldn’t they?

She told me she travlled with a gypsy caravan starting in about the middle of June. And while she couldn’t breathe fire, or anything like that her music earned them good money. She admitted she wasn’t as popular as me, but said her leader kept a large, and ancient book where he left his share of our spoils. “they had said it was full of black magic and dark secrets. Of course being a natural snoop, and in his good graces, I just had to take a peek inside. It was a spell book. Naturally, it had spells inside. (of course, that’s what a spell book is) Spells for healing, cleaning, cooking, medicine, anything, and even killing. There was even one for faerie sight.” Faerie sight, what was that. “It gives you the ability to see magical creatures that are normally invisible to the mortal world. According to the book if I used a special salve on my eeys, I would be able to see the creatures people had tried in vain to convince me could not exist.” So that’s how she had known I was a mermaid?

“So what happened then?” I asked. “I took my leave, taking the book with me; the leader gave it to me as a parting gift, which made me feel kind of guilty since he almost caught me stealing it.” She said. She found the ingriants and made the potion to gain the sight of the faire. She had been so amazed when she saw faries for the first time. Just as soon as that she learned water magic. “You met me and the rest is history, right?” I said ending her story. She nodded, and stood. “Before we leave,” she said, picking a rose nearby, “for you. I’m sure someone very special would have wanted you to have it.” I nodded and smiled. She started to walk away and looked towards where Lelouch had been. He was still watching. He was staring at me admirably. I smiled and followed when Ana called for me.

To be continued in Chapter 66…

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