My exams went great! In Art we had to make masks and present them for our exam. I made a cute pink, kitty mask that perfectly fit me! I was sooo nervous when I had to present, but everyone supported me, and gave me comments! I got like 8, the highest amount out of the entire class! I felt soo happy! Oh, and in Gym, we had to make a dance. Well, my group memebers were giving me trouble, so I ended up dropping out and doing my own dance. I was soo glad when I finnished, I thought it was pretty cool. When it was my turn to present, I was drop dead nervous, since the teacher was recording it. But everyone, even the people who usually ignore me, were nice and supported me! I danced soo good, and I had an umbrella! Someone was so shocked, they said the F word while the camera was rolling! Lol! Everyone thought it was great, well except for my old group any way. They must've been jealous or pissed that I left them. But hey, they goofed around too much, and wouldn't take any of my moves. Plus, they always blamed me for switching the song! But what eva! I finnished and I'm proud! Booo yahhh!! heart blaugh whee 4laugh rofl dramallama I was sad for a while since my computer kind of... crashed. I forgot to back up my book on the computer, so I knew I was screwed. We took it to best buy and they said they could back up the docutments for us, although it was kinda pricy. I love my mom, cuzz she supports me in writting my book! Yeah for moms!! Althoug, she doesn't like me going on gaia, since she thinks its not safe, so don't tell her I was on here!!! rofl Let's see what else... Oh yeah, yestruday (Friday) we got dismissed early, b4 the buses, like all week for exams. Me and Jenifer were chucking snowballs at everyone! It was cool! And Phillipe kept looking at me! Hehehehehe, I"m not telling who he is! heart blaugh heart Poor Jen, she's sooo sad, since she got dumped, again... I wish I could help her feel better, but theres' not much that I can do.... Hmmm. Oh, better get ready for a party tonight. Bowling! (I suck at bowling, but whaterver, my buds are gonnna be there!) Wish me luck! Oh, right, and I have to study for a math test even though we just had exams! Lame!!! I love supersmashbrothersbrawl! I'm a beast at that game. If you've got game, send me your friend and I smash you to bits! Lol, King Kong's a very very long movie. I think it tops Lord of the Rings in lenght! Lol, well, peace out! And remember, school's cool!