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Chellendora's Thoughts Just a diary of my thoughts on various subjects.

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My Philosophy
There’s no point in being angry. There’s no point in picking fights and being hateful. All it serves is to make you angry, sick, more hateful, and miserable. If this is your point in life, well then…I’m really glad I’m not you.

I’ve turned into a mega hippie the best couple of years because of a personal issue. I’ve firmly come to believe in living life to the fullest and enjoying what you can. I’m not naively ignoring the problems in our world and in our every day, I’m just not letting them affect my mood and well-being directly. I will fight for rights, I will march for a cure, and I will debate the existence of God to no end, but I will not let it get my angry, depressed, sick to my stomach, or miserable.

I highly dislike being angry. I hate the feeling so much. Whenever I am angry, I just feel sick and annoyed. It’s like catching the flu. It’s not something I willingly want. That’s why it baffles me when I see people, especially on the internet, who bait people into arguments for the pure sake of it. If asked, they say “it’s fun” or “It doesn’t matter.” They think the people are stupid, naïve, immature, whatever…so that makes it okay to be a troll.

I don’t think it’s cool to be a b***h. I think it’s immature. It’s a foolish notion that being angry and rude is power. It doesn’t raise you above anybody, it doesn’t make you “more solid” or tougher than someone who is constantly doing good (maybe too a point that you find “sickening”). In my experience, people that are this way proclaim open-mindedness and more liberal thoughts, but exhibit close-mindedness and judge more than those that they accuse.

Movie, music, and book critics are a good example of these kinds of people. There are few critics out there that can give a good review of a piece. A good review, to me, is one that provide an unbiased explanation of what the piece is about, and then represents the critic’s honest opinion. Many critics have become harsh and tend to state their opinions as facts. A lot of people fear these critics, and a lot of people will hold back on publishing or pitching an idea because of people like this. Critics have a tendency to “forget” that a book or song isn’t just words on paper for somebody.

When did we become a world that finds pleasure in hurting people? In finding what they love and destroying it, if to satisfy no goal but to amuse ourselves?

I find I only like to dwell on such things from an academic point of view. In my everyday life, I take it with a grain of salt.

Live life, and let others do the same. Don’t be so angry, just enjoy. If you don’t enjoy something, then move to something else.

An example: One woman enjoys watching soccer. One man does not. Instead of saying, “Soccer is stupid,” they could say instead, “I don’t like soccer,” and then go to find something they do like. Saying that something “is stupid” is to bait the person into an argument.

Live and let live.

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