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Black Rose
me, my boring life, and my stuff
I was bored so I decided to look up lips
Don't ask!
but i think i found some pretty cool ones
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me and I need sugar264 made this one together
Angie walked through the doors to the main hallway. People were crowded all over the huge voilet and red room. Angie's long black dress dragged along behind her. Her hair was in a butterfly clip. Make-up shadowed her face into this gorgeous young lady. She smiled at a couple who glanced at her with kind faces. Her high-heeled black open toe dress shoes clanked on the marble floor. The floor was a masterpiece itself, brilliant colors that colored in the fascinating abstract shapes all across the room. She walked over to her father, who looked handsome with his hair combed to side, in his brother's black tuxedo. His gentle smile lit up when he saw his daughter walking across the floor, she looked beautiful with her dark brown hair pulled back with two metal black wings sticking out on either side of her head. Her cherry red lips pulled back, showing her brilliant white teeth. They gave each other a quick hug and then he pulled his daughter to his side with his arm around her small back.
"I'm glad you could join us." He whispered in her smile, showing off his smile for the people to see.
"Yep, wouldn't want to miss this, even though your boyfriend is going to Iraq and instead of saying goodbye to him at the train station, you're going to spend the day with your dad trying to win off a vote that he probably won't get." Angie said letting go of her smile. Her eyes wandered around the room of important people. She let out a muted sigh. "I'm going to get a drink." She said, walking away from her father to the table with the beverages and the food. She grabbed a plastic bottle of water, she was to young to drink vodka. Angie unscrewed the cap, and took a sip, her eyes glanced up at a thirty-two year old who was going goo goo ga ga over her. She pretended not to notice, and capped up the bottle, and instead of taking the shorter way to her father, she took the long way away from the man who went goo goo ga ga over her. She reached her father ten minutes later, her hand hurt from shaking everyone's hand that she passed.
"Yep, wouldn't want to be anywhere else." Angie said when she was next to her father, massaging her hand.
"Be nice."
"I am nice!" Then the lights went out. She heard her father cuss under his breath.
"What happened?" Someone shouted across the room.
"I don't know. But I'm going to find out." Her father said.
"Don't anybody move!" A fierce male voice said. "Or we'll shoot." Everyone fell silent. Angie grabbed her dad's arm.
"Where is Angela Riker!" The man that had spoken before said. No one answered. "Where?!?!" The man's voice boomed. Everyone started talking at once, it took the man awhile to shut everyone up and get an answer one at a time. Angie felt something metal on her back but then the feeling was gone. She didn't know that she was holding her breath until she exhaled. The lights were coming back on. People in black with automatic weapons surrounded the exits and the main floor. The men in black searched the crowd. A moment later a man yelled, "Found her!" Before Angie could react she was thrown over a shoulder. She started screaming at the top of her lungs. A second man came up and hit her left temple with his gun. Everything went black
When Angie awakened, she couldn't move. Her legs and arms were tied to the four bed posts. A gag filled her mouth, she tried to scream but it came out a whimper. She glanced around the room. Nothing much to see. White walls, a bed side table, wooden bed posts, no windows, one door and a vase of red roses that sat on the table. Angie stared at the roses, puzzled. She was determined to unpuzzle the puzzle but first she needed to find away out of here. She tugged on the handcuffs, the kind cops use, but all that did was hurt her wrists even more. Angie turned her head to look at the flowers, seeing if there was any writing, but there was none.

All of a sudden the door flew open,a man stepped in,he had a roll of duct tape in one hand and a gun in the other. He roughly put some tape over her eyes and walked out. A few minutes later the door reopened, and someone came through the door. The person walked over to her. a soft whisper reached her ear. "You are safe with me," a mysterious voice rasped. The man walked out after kissing her on the cheek. The door closed and she heard the lock turn. Angie laid there utterly confused and terrified. She lay there, pondering her situation.
Jordan shut the trapdoor that went into the basement of the shack, he silently thanked his father for willing everything to him on his deathbed. He came back to the real world when the sound of footsteps came up the path. He whirled around to find a buddy of his from Iraq. "How's your girlfriend?" his buddy asked twirling a rifle between his fingers. Jordan eyed the rifle nervously, "I hope that thing isn't loaded." His buddy sheepishly pulled a bullet out of the gun and started the twirling again. Jordan chuckled nervously at his friend. "Go tell everyone to meet at the place, and keep that rifle unloaded before you blow someone's head off. Like mine!!" Jordan started the long climb up the basement steps.
Angie was starting to despair at her situation, there was no way out. She might never get home! Tears started to run down her cheeks and dampen her duct tape, which had not yet been removed. Several muffled voices could be heard from up above her. She strained to pick out the words being said.
"When ....get....... money?" "What...gonna.... with.....her?" Is the army after us?" The voices had become louder and louder until everything went silent and a door slammed shut. Angie couldn't help wondering why the army would be after a group of kidnappers. And what did they want to do with her?
Jordan was helplessly angry, "SSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHH!" He practically screamed. "Angie probably heard every word we said! How dumb can you get?"
"How long were we yelling? You do the math." Another one of his buddies said. Jordan had a sudden overwhelming urge to smack him upside the head. Jordan, eager to move on to a new subject, starting talking only to be interrupted by one of his blond haired men. " Did you just call me dumb?" the young man asked, suddenly comprehending Jordan's earlier remark. Jordan couldn't control his anger any longer and smacked the unfortunated man upside the head. "Anyone else who wants to say something will get a smack on the head." No one gave an answer. "Go back to what you were doing then. I don't need you anymore." He stomped up thru the door of his shack and slammed the door, leaving all of his men outside, where they belonged. He leaned over to grab a fresh, new water bottle that was on the floor inside its container. The water was warm, but it helped him calm down a little. Jordan crossed over to the fridge/freezer and opened the door to the freezer, took out an ice cube and let the coolness roam around inside his mouth. When the ice cube melted and he was calm he opened the latch for the cellar and started climbing down the stairs to where he kept his beloved.
After many hours of pure torturous silence Angie heard the door creak open. A hand undid her gag . She screamed, and a hand quickly covered her mouth. "'Try that again and the gag goes back on." the mysterious voice said. "Now what is your favorite radio station." Angie refused to answer. The gag was stuffed back into her mouth and a rag smelling strongly of chloroform was placed under her nose. Everything went black.
Back upstairs Jordan paced back and forth. His patience was gone. He felt like punching anybody and everybody. He slammed his fist into the wall of the shack and screamed in pain and agony. One of his men ran in to see if he was alright. Jordan sent him reeling out the door with a punch to his nose. No one tried to come in after that, Jordan was left alone thinking of a plan to force Angie to like and love him.
Angie woke up with a splitting headache. Suprisingly, the duct tape was gone, and she could now open her eyes. Blinking rapidly she tried to adjust her eyes to the light. The pounding pain in her head was now gone, she looked over and saw that the flowers were gone, in there place was a glass of water. How dumb can they get? she wondered. My hands and feet are tied, and just looking at that made me thirsty! They are torturing me! I must find a way to escape.
Matt was still upset from the earlier slap upside the head. He was now heading down the steps to give Angie a drink. He tripped going down the steps and landed hard against the door.Talk about a headache. Whoa! is that blood? He looked down at his bloody arm. Man, am I dying? He screamed and was rewarded with a mouse scurrying across his foot. He screamed again and was rewarded with the same mouse scurrying across his foot again. Matt hurridly opened the door and slammed it shut once he was safely on the other side. Man, that was close. Well never mind, I have a job to do. Looking around for the glass he located it on the side table, grabbing it he pried open her mouth and succeeded in spilling it all over her shirt. She yelped when the cold water connected with her skin. "I'm sorry, I didn't try it, really." he said in a childish tone. Trying again he lost his grip and the glass fell, shattering when it reached the ground. Matt walked out, shut and locked the door, and bawled his eyes out. So much for putting a good impression on the boss.
Jordan wondered where Matt was. It had been a hour since he went down to give Angie a drink. Just then a loud crash reached his ears followed by the slamming of a door. Running downstairs he found Matt crying right outside of the door. After slapping him upside the head Jordan pulled open the door to find Angie soaked to the skin and a shattered glass lying on the floor beside her. "What happened?!?! he yelled forgetting to disguise his voice. He tried to hide his face, but it was too late. "Jordan!" she gasped. At that very moment, Matt stumbled in trying to explain what had happened. He stopped when he saw the stony look on Jordan's face. Matt glanced over at Angie, who was in shock and then back at Jordan. "Man, what's wrong with you? She sees your face. I thought you were going to keep that a secret!" Jordan shoved Matt into the mice infested hallway and slammed the door in his face. He slowly turned to look at Angie, "Did I hurt you in some way that you didn't come to say goodbye to me at the train station. I needed your love and support. Why weren't you there? Angie's eyes started to tear as she realized that she had brought this kidnapping on herself. "My dad needed my support. I had to go help him, I didn't want to hurt him. in the process I hurt you though. I could have gone to the train station to say goodbye and then gone to help my dad. I was wrong.". She realized. "I'm sorry." Jordan was about to give Angie a hug when the door was reduced to toothpicks by an army battering ram. a tear gas grenade was dropped into the room and a army seargant uncuffed Angie. She was helped outside where she helplessly watched Jordan and Matt be cuffed by an army seargant. Several other men were already in the prison van and others were cuffed in patrol cars. Angie was helped into an ambulance to be treated for any wounds on her way to the police station.
Upon entering the police station she was swept into a huge hug by her father who frantically asked if she was alright. She sobbed on his shoulder and felt somewhat better. Her heart was heavy as she told the officer who questioned her everything she knew. After the questioning she half heartedly asked if he had won the vote. She was surprised when he grinned and stated that he had won by a landslide. "Wow, congratulations. " was all Angie could manage to say. Angie walked up to the information desk and asked what the status of Jordan Border was. "He is being shipped to Iraq tomorrow." she said kindly." He has been released from all charges and is currently at his residence." Angie kindly thanked the lady and walked back over to her father to tell him the good news.
Matt sat glumly in his prison bed. Telling the police that he had been physically abused by Jordan had not worked. He had tried to tell them that Jordan slapped him a couple of times. They only laughed and said that he deserved it. The only place it had gotten him was the physch unit in the hospital and a five month sentence in juvy. After all, he was only 16.
Jordan was right back where he started. And Angie still wasn't here to tell him goodbye. She probably didn't even know that he was at the train station waiting for the train that would take him to Iraq. The train was pulling up and he started to walk toward it. Before he reached it, a pair of small smoothe hands covered his eyes. He turned around and saw his dear Angie staring at him, smiling. "Goodbye." She whispered, but loud enough to hear. The train whistled and they embraced one last time before he turned to leave.

Olivia Anderson
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Olivia Anderson
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