"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win."
— Mahatma Gandhi

They didn't like me because i was different.. because i didn't do what they did, like what they liked, believed what they believed in, and agree to what they say.. They made fun of me, called me arrogant, fake, weird, strange, disgusting, and a lot of other names.. They stabbed me behind my back, pulled me down, and kicked dirt in my face.. They did everything just so i would never be able to be on my feet again..

And guess what ? I won.. I stood up, with my head held high.. Proud because I overcame everything without stooping down to their level.. And I came out, still being my amazing self in my own way.. dramallama


But it wasn't all thanks to me.. I wouldn't have survived without her at my side.. Throwing shoes at me, saying how stupid I am, reminding me to eat on time, hugging me close every time I feel weak, holding my hand and telling me, whatever happens, she'll stay beside me, supportive and loving as ever..