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When Enemies Attract (Intro)
`•.¸¸.•´´¯`••.¸¸.•´´¯`•´When Enemies Attract`•.¸¸.•´´¯`••.¸¸.•´´¯`•´

Japan. The one place she hated to visit the most. With stupid ninja running all over the place, it was like going to a rat infested bakery. She was here to steal a statue said to hold a dragon that would grant any wish you had. Unfortunately it was in the royal palace, which had the heaviest security known to exist in Japan. Her plan to steal the statue was simple. Impersonate a servant or concubine, kill the real one, and then spend the night searching. It wouldn’t be too hard, and she would be done before morning.

The crew she was in charge of was worried for her safety. They were loyal to their captain, despite her being female. To them, she was the only one that cared for their lives. Each one she had taken off the street promising a life of fun and adventure, three meals a day, and a family. And that was exactly what she had given them. Even though they were pirates, they were happy to take the risk of being caught and killed with pride for their captain.

As she was finishing getting ready for her mission, the youngest crew member, a boy she had recently taken in from France knocked on her door.

“Who it be?” she asked.

“It be me captain, Jacque!”

“Come in then dear!” she turned to the opening door with a bright smile on her face. She had spent the whole voyage trying to get dressed in the traditional Japanese apparel. She had spent hours just trying to figure out why Japanese women would put themselves through such torture, for something so modest. Her hair was pulled back into a tight bun and a thin layer of tar was put over her white hair, to hide the color and not draw attention. The kimono she wore was stolen from a geisha house years before when she first started pirating the cities of Japan. The makeup she wore was minimal, thin lines of black paint right above her lashes with a hint of pink at each end, and a soft red lip stick to finish it all off. As Jacque opened the door, the Captain noticed the tears dripping from his eyes.

“Jacque, what be the matter?”

He lunged for her, wrapping his thin arms around her waist, while crying into her bosom.

“Pleaz Captian, don’t go. I don’t want you to go. Iz to dangerous!”

She placed a cool slender hand on the back of the child’s head comforting him.

“Oh Jacque, please don’t be a cryin. Ye know why I be doin this. Besides I be Captain Lolly, the greatest pirate these waters have err’ seen. Captain of the great ship Leviathan, and its crew. Now please, my child, stop ye cryin. You’ll ruin the blasted kimono, and the mission will be all for not. Be a strong boy and help me out onto deck.”
“Oui, Captain!” Jacque stood taking Captain Lolly’s hand and helped to hoist her up. As they walked out together onto the deck, the crew turned and stared in awe of their captain. She was a beautiful woman, and in the bright sunlight, she shined like a goddess.

“You be takin care captain, and come back with that statue! If not, we’ll be searchin’ for ye until this whole damned country be empty!” shouted the first mate from the helm.

They came as close as they could to the shore without getting the ship stuck in the sand. The captain was lowered with two of her crew in a small life boat, on to the calm waters. Once they were placed in the water the two crew members pulled out oars and began to row their captain to shore. The spot she was being dropped off at was perfect. After weeks of observation she knew this to be a popular spot for the servants and concubines, one in particular came late at night, and it was that one she was impersonating. As they neared the shore, the rip tides carried the briskly onto shore, one crew member stepped out and helped his captain onto the shifting sand. He handed her a small dagger and a pistol with two shots already loaded into it, these she concealed easily in her obi.

After the two crewmen had returned to the ship, and the ship was out of sight, Captain Lolly stood on the shore watching the water go in and out with each wave. She loved the sea, it was what drove her to piracy, and she had never regretted that decision. She reached down and took off the clog like sandals she was wearing, and allowed her feet to feel the cool sensation of the moist sand squish between her toes. She took a few steps closer to the water’s edge lifting up the kimono and let the waves lap over her feet. Pure bliss, it was the greatest sensation she knew.

What she wasn’t aware of though, was a young ninja, Nairu Daikon, hiding in the tree tops watching her. He had seen everything, the ship,
the crewmen, and the weapons she was concealing.

After five minutes of enjoying the cool water, the captain heard the rustle of bushes, and quickly ran to hide behind a tree. Right one time, there she was, the concubine whose life the captain would take, and then impersonate. As the concubine moved closer and closer to the shore, the captain quietly sneaked up behind her, took out the small dagger, and in lightning speed covered the concubine’s mouth and slit her throat. First part of the mission done!

Daikon watched in horror as the concubines blood gushed out of her neck and onto the beach. Every ounce of his body wanted to spring forward and grab the cold hearted assassin for what she had done. But he couldn’t, he didn’t understand why someone would kill a concubine, there had to be an ulterior motive, and he was going to find out what it was.

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