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I love playing with Tektek and making avatars. So, I decided to keep them here.
Vampire Roleplay Styles
There are a lot of different types of vampire roleplay. I like many of them but my preference is the Seven Hierarchy style. So, that is todays Blog Entry.
So, here are the basics:
-Humans are turned into vampires through a process called Siring.
-Vampires cannot come out during the day unless they are strong enough and even then they cannot stay out all day. (Only vampires that are thousands of years old can do this)
-New vampires cannot, under any circumstances, survive without another to watch over them
-Vampires need human blood to survive, end of story. They can survive for short times on animal blood, but need human blood!
-I cannot stand the Twilight series, vampires do not sparkle. (OxyMoron: Vegetarian Vampire!)

In the Seven Hierarchy style vampires are sorted into groups. They are listed from most powerful to the weakest. Each has its own description and information.

Lieges are the most powerful type of vampire in this particular vampire roleplay style. They can create new vampires, control their own territory, and are the only ones that can survive in sunlight. Liege vampires are also the only vampires who can pass down abilities through their blood to vampires that they create. If a Liege vampire chooses to take in a newer vampire that they have found, they have the choice to take any abilities a previous Liege had given to the vampire. When a Liege makes a new vampire they usually make them to join their group which can be called many things including a coven, a troop, a gang, etc. But, they also make new vampires for their Darkens. Even though Darkens can create other vampires it is looked down upon when still with the vampire who sired them. ((700+ years))

Darkens are very strong vampires have the power to sire others and create their own groups. Despite being able to vampires who are Darken class choose to remain with their Sirer and fight in that territory. Darken vampires are not the most common because most vampires who reach the Shadow stage choose to leave and create their own group. Darkens are usually the right hand fighters of Lieges and generally are given large amounts of power and abilities from their lieges. ((450+ years))

Shadows are vampires that have stayed with Lieges long enough to be able to turn other people into vampires. They have enough strength to survive on their own and choose to leave their Sirer. They go off to create their own territory or they turn against their Sirer and try to take over the territory that they are in. Shadows are common in younger forms as they try to make their own path, they sometimes return to their Sirer to become Darkens. ((200+ years))

A Haunt vampire is a vampire that has spent time under the protection of a Shadow, Darken, or Liege and can hunt for themselves. They can survive short times on their own but prefer to be with their guardian. They are not yet strong enough to survive alone but do take part in the fights of their Lieges. ((50+ years))

Rouge vampires are the only vampires to travel or live alone. They are usually on a personal vendetta's against people who have killed their Liege, or who have abandoned them. If a vampire is left and then picked up and taken in by another Liege that vampire is far more likely to become a Rouge vampire for a time to destroy the one that abandoned them. Many then return to the vampire who took them in. There are other Rouge cases where a vampire was turned against their will/had a loved on turned and seek revenge. ((ages vary))

Night's are vampires who live with a Darken or Liege. They are members of the group and are protected by that group. A Night usually spends their first few weeks with their Liege but is then put under the watch of a Darken. They cannot survive on their own yet and are not very strong. They feed often with their guardian close and learn everything they can. Night's do not take much part in the fights of those above them and become close more to the Darken then their Liege until they get stronger. ((Newly Sired))

Moonlits are vampires who have been abandoned by their Sirer and need a Shadow, Darken, or Liege to take them in. They cannot survive very long without one and most starve to death. If they are found by someone who can take them in then they have a chance to survive. Moonlits know very little about what they are and can be easily destroyed. Unlike Nights who are protected, these Moonlits must fear just about everything around them. ((newly Sired))

In the Seven Hierarchy style, these ranks are followed very closely and are very rarely different. As with life there are exceptions, but in this style they are few and far between. With this style Lieges fight with other Lieges over territory sand hunting grounds. A Liege expects their Darkens and Haunts to fight to defend the territory. Most groups have mostly Haunts that are watched over by the smaller number of Darkens and Shadows in the group.

So, any feed back would be nice. I love roleplaying and am always up for it, but really want to see what people think. Thanks!

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