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Nallae - Descriptive Writing Assignment
This is the 'descriptive writing' that goes with one of my drawings in the Art Arena. Here's the link: http://www.gaiaonline.com/arena/art/painting-and-drawing/vote/?entry_id=102704501#title


This creature has many names from many different cultures, but the most common of all is Nallae, meaning "ancient balance".
She has hair as black as night and claws sharp as razors. Her eyes are black like the deepest shadows of Hell. Her flawless skin, contrasting with her dark eyes and hair, is as white as snow and cold as ice. Her face is more beautiful than the most complimentary words can describe and her body is that which every human male craves, every contour and curve just as perfect as the next. Her lips are the color of her skin. Her wings, with thier spider webs of dark veins and leathery skin red as the blood of evil that she spills, span twelve feet when she bothers to spread them to thier full length, but as she usually keeps them folded at her back, they float in the air, inches from her back and look to be only about a foot long.
When she's angered, this creature's lips darken to match her eyes. Her body glows with darkness when she works her contradictory magic. Swirling wind manifests as she pulls power from the underworld, lifting and suspending her long dark hair like the snakes of Medusa.
Just as her magic, she is the dichotomy of good and evil. The spectacle of this beautiful creature is vulnerableonly to the eyes of those who have willingly come into contact with evil. She draws them in with her dark, alluring eyes. She envelops them in the grip of her magic, slowly slicing away thier skin with threads of her magic until she can reach out to their souls. Just as only evil people can shee hehr, only she can see thier souls. When she has a grip on an evil soul, she rips it from its host and hurls it down into all the nine levels of Hell. Along with the soul, she rips the very life from the evil one in a most agonizing manner, forcing them to feel all the emotional and physical torment they have ever caused another, through all their lives, and even their lives before Earth existed. She is neither good nor evil, for she kills, yet she rids the world of evil souls.
This creature, who has walked the Earth since its beginning, was here before God shaped it. She is the essence of all the souls who were here before God made the world his own. Yes, there were souls here before, and when God took the Earth, these souls were born into the children of the world. Nallae knows the evil ones intimately, for pieces of them all dwell within her. She came into being when darkness and light were separated by God. This had never been before, there had never been opposites. Everything always simply was. But when these opposites were created, so were all the other opposites of the universe, including good and evil. God controlled good and the Devil controlled evil. This creature came into being along with good and evil, her single incentive being to maintain balance between the two on Earth.

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