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The Two Tailed Saga of Faith
i no this one is shorter then the rest, but i was tired so...HERE IT IS! CHAPTER DOCE!

Chapter 2
The Blood Fang and the Rasangi
We drove for a very long time. Soon; however, we came across a pier. Michal drove the car directly towards the water. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOU FREAK?” they all shouted. Michal ignored them, and they all covered there eyes, and Joey prayed. “Good job Joe,” Michal said, “God is proud.”
“You are not the guy from Revelations! You’re not the Knight from Heaven! Most of all, your not my dad!” Michal drove off the pier, as a large amount of people watched. Somehow, they were driving on the water! Joey saw Michal praying, and he was starting to have his thoughts of him being the Arc Angle. Zelda and Amy looked like they were going to be sick.
Soon, they saw an island in the distance. When they got to the island, Michal told them to follow him. He led them to a forest, and was going very slow. “Why are you walking so slow?” Joey asked, “and how did you know my name?”
“I’m going slow because I don’t exactly remember the path we are supposed to be going,” Michal said, “and I told you, I am your farther.”
“Okay Darth Vaider.”
Soon after a long time, they found ruins. Alas! They went the right way! Michal led them to a large door, and touched it, and the doors slammed open. There was a large set of stairs. “Hang on.” Michal said. Soon after he said that, he sprouted wings! He grabbed the three children, and flew up the stairs in no time. When they finally reached the top of the stairs, there was an orange sword, with a black handle, and two feathers. “Those feathers that you see on that sword,” Michal said, “are my wings. I crafted this sword myself. It is called the Blood Fang. Joe, this sword is yours.”
Michal placed Joey right in front of the sword. Joey reached for it, but there was a large flash of light. Soon, Zelda and Amy were unconscious on the floor, but Joey was just standing there. “That flash,” Joey said, “was my future life…”
“Did you enjoy what you see?” Michal asked.
“I thought…it was okay.” Joey said.
:“If you get that sword, then that exact image of your life that you just saw will happen.”
This made Joey think. He saw so many good things happening, but saw so much bad things as well. Joey stepped towards the sword, wrapped his hand around the blade, and pulled. He put all his strength into it. At first, it wouldn’t budge, but Michal said “Pray to yourself the energy you need.”. So he did so, and his prayer was answered. With all the strength he needed, he eventually pulled out the sword. The Blood Fang was his. Michal said “That is no ordinary blade. In your times of need, the sword will aid you. Now, try to focuses all your energy to your right hand.”
Joey was right handed, so he dropped the sword, and it disappeared. He didn’t worry because he was starting to trust Michal, but still didn’t think that he was the son of an Arc Angel. He focused all his energy to his right hand, and a ball started to form. Soon, that ball of energy engulfed his whole hand. “Now use that energy against that tree.” Michal said. So he ran to the tree that he pointed at, and rammed his hand to it, and that small ball of energy blew away hundreds of trees. “That my son, is the Rasangi. That would take a normal person years to accomplish, but your special.” Joey made his first accomplishment. Michal made him feel good about himself…just like his mother did…the Blood Fang and Rasangi was his to keep. He felt like as if nothing could stop him.


Chapter 1
The turn around
As we all know, Joey has a miserable life. As you read the prolog, you should remember a part that had Joey seeing the two lights in the forest, that was a black Ferrari comfortable, that never ran out of gas…and it talked to. The neatest thing is that it can drive itself if Joey wasn’t feeling good! Sadly to say; however, he still had to go to school. And school was not very fun at all. First, he would have to get out of the Black Top Forest, and that is not a walk in the park, he got lost several times, and was normally three hours late. On a good day, he would be one hour late. Then he had to go thirty miles. If the car didn’t want to, then he would have to walk. THEN when he finally reached school, he would be beaten up by a gang called The Savages- a group of good for nothing pigs. The leader was perhaps the biggest pig of them all. On a good day, he would get at least a chipped tooth. PLUS the fact that he was late, so he got a detention for every class that he missed, and had the whole day ahead of him! The saddest part of all, there was this girl he had a soft spot for, her name was Amy Lezzo. She had long dirty blonde hair, blue sparkling eyes, and very thin. Mostly, she would put her hair in a pony tail. She was normally covered by all of her friends, which was like the whole school.
He was now at the loneliest part of the day-lunch. He would never remember to pack his lunch because he was always so late, and had to be rushed constantly. He saw an opening- Amy was sitting by herself today, her friends were all in the bathroom(Lord, show mercy to that restroom),so he decided to talk to her. “Hi,” Joey said,” can I sit with you?” “There all taken.” Amy said.
“Can I at least talk to you?” he asked.
“What’s there to talk about?”
“Well… we don’t really…know each other very well…” he felt himself blushing.
Soon, all of her friends rushed out of the bathroom like as if they were watching him, and pushed him aside. When he hit the floor, The Savages came(this time there was three of them, there’s six really) and “accidentally” dropped there food-beans, mashed potatoes with gravy, expired milk, and the biggest piece of cake you’ll ever see in your life, all at the same time, and they all had the same exact thing. “Woops,” one said, “sorry about that bro.” “Yeah bro, sorry.” another one chuckled. Joey got up, his favorite shirt was ruined- a white Linkin Park shirt with missiles all over it, and it had Linkin Parks symbol,- lp(Linkin Park is a rock band). “Well,” Joey said, “this is the fifth time this has happen to me, and once again, you ruined yet another one of my shirts, and I loved this one.”
“Really?” the leader said. The leader was named Glut. No last name. He was the fattest
Person you will ever see in your life. He was so fat, you couldn’t tell if he had a neck or not, and his nose, dear Lord his nose! The biggest, pinkest largest nose you would ever see! It looked like a fat Pinochle lied about thirty times in a row! Anyways, Glut said, “Well, don’t were an ugly shirt!” Joey started to get very angry, he clenched his hand to a fist, and said “You retard, you take that back.” “No.” Glut said. Then with his robotic arm, he punched Glut across the face so hard, there was a loud crack. The other two people looked at him on the floor, bleeding from his big bloody nose, and they jumped on Joey. The fight was long, but one of them managed to grab his arms, and the other one was sacking him in the stomach. Every one was looking at the fight. “should we help him?” one person asked. “Nah, it’s what he gets for being in this world.” Another one said. Soon, the principle, Mr. Cleeny came. Boy he was fat. He had a Adolf Hitler mustache. “What the bloody hell happened? Why is Glut on the floor bleeding? Joey? Did you do this?” Now, if you saw an unconscious fat pig lying on the floor bleeding, and two people where beating up a nerd who had no life, would you think the nerd did it? Well, that’s what Cleeny thought. “Joey, I am ashamed of you!” Joey snapped.
“That’s the thing you stupid slow retard! You always jump to conclusions! An other thing, you’re always ashamed of me! Every one is! And I can’t stand that stupid Hitler mustache you have! I HATE HITLER YOU SLOW FAT STUPID RETARTED NAZI!!!” There was a long pause. “Joey…” Mr. Cleeny asked, “…I hate Hitler to, and I am not a Nazi…for that…whole years detention…”
“Another thing! How do you know it was me who made Glut like that? I was getting my a** kicked, and you thought it was me?”
“Class?” Mr. Cleeny asked. They all pointed at him and said he did it. “ They’ll do whatever they can to make me miserable! They always have! It’s there damn hobby, and I don’t think once, once in my life anyone stood up for me! Isn’t that what a principle is supposed to do? If so, WELL THEN YOU SUCK!” Joey concluded, and he ran out of the building.
Joey was running back home, crying. He know what he did was wrong, but felt no sorrow for what he did. He felt sorrow because no one cared for him except his mother. Oh, his mother! Why can’t more people be like her? Soon, he crashed into someone, someone from his school. These two never talked to each other, so off course, they don’t know each other. When they collided, her books fell along with her. “I’m sorry,” she said in a shy, low voice , “I’m to clumsy.”
“No, no, it’s my fault, I was careless.” Joey said. “ I’m Joey.”
“I’m Zelda. It’s nice to meet you.” she said. She had blonde long hair, and green eyes.
“Zelda? Like the game?” Joey laughed.
“Yeah, pretty much…” she said blushing.
“I love those games!” Joey said. If she had blue eyes instead of green, she would look a lot like Princess Zelda from the game series. “What class are you in?” Joey said.
“8A…” she said. “Then I guess we’re in the same class,” Joey said, “but why didn’t you go to school today?”
“If I’m not wanted, why should I go. I’m just going to be made fun of again.”
“Well, I go so I can go to collage, and be in a heavy metal band.”
“I guess that’s a good reason. Having a dream is a good thing to have, never let go of it…”she said. Then she left. Joey could have sworn he herd her say in a very light voice right before she left “…and end up a mess like I did…” Soon he remembered, and slapped his head. “Damn it,” he said, “I left my back pack!” he was half way home, so he saw no point going back and looking even more of a fool, so he left it.
The next day was normal, after passing through lunch, it was science class. A strange thing happened today; however. During science, he was called him to pick him up from school…strange. He didn’t live with anyone? Who could it be? He did noticed that Zelda nor Amy was here today, but he ran right out the door, once again, forgetting his back pack.
When he reached the front office, he saw Amy, Zelda, and a strange man standing next to them. “Come on Joe Joe,” the strange man said, “lets go.” Now, Joey had two options-1. Not go with him and suffer school the rest of the years, or 2. Go with the stranger with the girl he loved, and the one he met yesterday, not knowing about this strange man, and suffer the consequences of him and school. If you ever guessed the first one, you could have not been more wrong. This strange man was tall, brown hair, brown eyes, and whore a white t-shirt.
We got outside of the building, and Joey saw his car outside. “That’s my car,” he said.
“No,” Zelda said, “I saw it first so it’s mine!”
“No, really, that’s my car.”
“NOT.” Amy said.
Joey pulled out his car keys, and pressed the button to turn it on. He got to the car, and unlocked the doors. “Probably stole them on his way out of school yesterday.” Amy said. “Not really my dear,” the car said. Amy and Zelda jumped. “Did that car just…spoke?” Zelda said. “What? Is it normal for one to have a brain as I?” the car said. Zelda and Amy’s face grew deeply green. “Ah baga! I forgot to introduce my self! I am Thomas Matthews. I am Joseph Shizu’s property.”
“You named it?” Amy asked.
“No…” Joey said.
“Joseph Shizu?” Zelda asked.
“So what?”
They both looked at each other and started to burst out laughing. “Enough,” said the strange person, “ Know this, you might not believe me when I say this to you…but I am Michal. Michal of the Arc Angels. The Knight of Heaven. Joseph…” there was a slightly long pause “…I’m your father.” Joey laughed. “That can’t be true!” Joey laughed, “ My mom never really…um.. you know… did…it.”
“That doesn’t matter. The Virgin Marry, mother of God didn’t do that either. God made it happen, and your mother wanted a son badly, so I gave her you. I created you by a ball of golden light, and placed it to your mothers stomach, and you were there.” “I’m not believing that.” Joey said. Michal grabbed the car keys from Joey, and got in the car. “Get in every one.”
He said. “I CALL SHOT GUN” Zelda yelled.

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