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Armageddon for all
Chapter 12 Just a Bounty. . .
"Is it them..." Zero turn to me."It has to be." I look towards them.There were three of them.The first one was a man with not many visible facial feature,But his eyes stood out the most.one of his eyes remain shut.As if he had only one.This man was just in all black with a katana on his back."I heard those other two call him Shadow." zero said."hm." I thought to my self.I look to see a female foil of This man called Shadow.
With many facial feature I couldn't just describe one,except Her k9's Teeth.The had the looks as if the had been sawed off the tips were jagged and uneven.She had to be a vampire.but she wasn't all vampire something else. . . .I just couldn't put my finger on it."her names Bk weird right?" I turned to zero."well i guess that leave one" I said.
I look to see this man sitting on a tree.Looking towards the ground.His hair covering his face.Was black and some what reddish from what it seem like blood.But what puzzle me the most is how familiar he look."Po. . .poke. . .pokeharo." I said."Yeah That's him alright."I turn to see.A woman.Her eyes were a light green.And her face was cover by a mask.Here body cover by black with cross belts that reflected the suns light.her hair black with green tips.She stood looking towards me as if she was looking through me to see pokeharo.Se spoke again."Were going to take Pokeharo alive we can't claim the bounty if he's dead."Zero nodded."What about the rest of them?" i asked.She smile"They'll all fetch a pretty bounty.Now lets get the before the leave."As we jump across tree to tree.Getting closer and closer I Something was odd about the way pokeharo and shadow walk.The woman with the green tips.laid on the tree branch.And we all waited for them to get.closer to are trap.Then Shadow stop.he look towards are direction and stop.Pokeharo who was now in front of all of them kept walking.Not knowing that the woman was waiting for him.I a blink of a eye the woman threw a kunai at pokeharo.Amazing Pokeharo dodge it flipping back as if he had knew we were there the whole time.Now pokeharo was back to back with shadow Them both not saying a word.The woman still still on the branch.I took my bow off my back and the woman threw a arrow towards me.The arrow she threw towards me was lace with a green substances That i knew was neurotoxin.I quickly arch my bow and with a quick breathed i shot.Just as quickly as the last time pokeharo dodge the arrow as shadow cut the arrow down the middle.Pokeharo yelled something i couldn't hear but before i knew it Fire came towards us with tremendous speed Cutting the trees we hide behind we had no other choice but to jump out in the open we look to see the girl as know as bk pointing her staff towards me an the woman.Shadow getting ready to attack was stop by zero blade and they both was lock in a stalemate.I look to see pokeharo crouching.He look ready to fight.He stood up. and fell back in to a crouch.I look to see the woman fighting with bk.I pulled out my staff.Pokeharo stood up he was sweating and breathing hard.I saw that he had a cut on his arm with green puss spewing out.
"Stop moving If you Keep Moving The poison Will kill you!" I yelled towards him.But he disappear from the my sight.I realizes he was behind me and quickly dodge.It was amazing how quick he was to be poison."If you come with me ill give you the antidote" i said to him."You. . . .you. . .think ill. .. trust. . . yo.u. " pokeharo said as he stumble towards me.He then clasped on the ground."POKEHARO! ! !" Shadow yelled. bk looking and being poison as well falling from the shock."BK!!" shadow stop moving.And a dark aura surrounded him.His blade became engulf with the darkness and with a swing all of were knock away.I hitting a near by tree was in shock from the pain and could not move.Shadow walk towards me everywhere he step made the grass disappear.He held me by the neck stopping my breathing."I can save you friends" I gasped.His grip released and then tighten again.Everything was getting burly.And then he let go.His aura started to disappear.and he fell to the ground.I look to see the woman standing behind him with a kunai."Thanks." i Said.Zero walked up"Necrotoxin what will we do with them." she look at him "What else would we do." she paused."Take them to Afro." the she look towards me "Yoku you ok?" I look toward Pokeharo."Yeah I'm fine. . . . ."

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 Pokeharo X3
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