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Diary of an Artist

Lady Black Rose RP
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Juliet's Unbroken speech
A young woman walks out onto a balcony that is covered in vines and leaves. Her hands trailed along a couple of vines,"O Romeo....Romeo....wherefore art thou Romeo.."She said softly as she walked to the edge of the balcony, resting her hands on the railing,"..In the arms of another more or less....for I, your former love, no longer have you in mine...!"Her tone grew angry as she pushed herself away from the railing and stormed inside,"Her hair is as fake as the word's you spoke to me."She said as she walked up to a wall and ripped pictures of her and a man off it,"Her eyes...eyes as dull as the knife you used to cut my heart with!"She cried out as she threw the pictures onto the ground. Her eyes watched as the pictures dropped to the ground,"What was wrong with me...that drove you away from me?"She asked herself as she picked up a photo of the couple, the man holding her in his arms. Her grip on the photo tighten, then she threw to the side, "Why?...why would you betray me...?!"She cried out as she fell to her knees, her hands gripping the sides of her head and tears dropping down to the ground. A moment passes as she slowly lifts her head,"Maybe...it's because...I was easily caught in your web of passion..you were able to use me so.."She said as she stood up slowly and walked slowly back out onto the balcony,"Well use me no more you will for I am breaking free of the web...so I say again..."She said as she climbed onto the railing,"O Romeo...Romeo...wherefore art thou Romeo...in the arms of your latest prey no doubt....!"She said as she opened her arms up to the sky,"But now it's her turn to see with her eyes....the passion web and the dull knife..."She said as her body slowly began to fade. Her eyes turned back to the room with the scattered photos,"I just hope for her...she sees it soon..."She whispered as her body fades away completely.

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