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Polkadotalicious's very own journal! Yipee! I tend to be an optimist, which you will notice in my journal entries. I was inspired to write a journal because I have been told my writing, "Ain't too shabby kid", and "REAL PURDY SOUNDN' " (quotes from a random New Yorker and Kentucky farmer) So I

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Miss me?
I have not entered an entry in my entry-topia in quite a while. Well, I'm back now. xd
Welp, Let's seeeeeeee what's occured recently. Oh,oh,oh. You know how I'm somewhat of a genius? Yes? Well, I took the SATS (and I sats through the whole thing...oh...that was possibly the worst pun I've ever made...at least it's here in the parentheses so nobody will ever notice) sweatdrop And how did I do? Welp, in reading I scored in the nitieth percentile among American seniors...so...yup. And I'm not even old yet, so chew on that truth nugget! In fact not even in high school...But, but, but it's no big deal cool . (OKAY! YES IT IS! whee It's such a big deal I have to type random stuff that doesn't even make up words...jghdfisdyugfugfufdusghugfyugfeycfnjkvkfogjpapifihygeyh) What else? What else? Oh, I signed up fo' a passport the other day! It took like three frikin' jiminy cheese biscuit hours...but I think it was worth it. BECAUUUUSE...I'm goin' to Japan! Yes, the country and not the little known city in Texas. I'm going on...November 20th...I think...FOR A WHOLE WEEK! biggrin Chyeah. I will update you on it. Cross my asophagus. xp
Now...I will inform you on what has been bugging me lately. wahmbulance I know how amusing my complaining is.
1. People who are going to away camp and not giving me their addresses. What!? Do they think that I'm a stalker or something? cause...I'm totally not..heh...heh. sweatdrop No further explaination needed on that one.
2.Jesus Freaks...visiting my home and asking if I have been "saved yet". rolleyes Okay, don't get me wrong, Jesus is my homedog...but that doesnt mean I awant to think of it the way you do (not you, specifically, the Jesus freaks...unless you happen to be the thirty something guy that enjoys showing up on every stoop in the U.S. of A and explaining how I'm going to spend my afterlife with Satan. drinking the iced tea of hate and laying in the lawnchairs of demonicness-ness eek ) crazies, gosh. Showing up with a bible and practically force feeding me with it. mad And not even using that cute airplane trick. Because then, just maybe, I won't spew all over you. Not that I have a problem with people expressing their faith, but after the seventh time of hearing, "I'm with the Jesus Christ church of Latter day saints"...I ain't gonna let you in. talk2hand
3. skeeters...okay, no sane person I know enjoys being eaten by bugs. The insane ones all seem to...how odd. xd
4. Well, I am fed up with high fructose corn syrup not being abbreiviated..it's so long...and it's in just about every product. rolleyes So I am going to shorten it to...erm...HIFCOS. HI-high.F-fructose. Co-corn. S-syrup. Bablam. So whenever you see that on a label or bring it up in conversation please, use the abbreviation. 4laugh

Anyhow, if I keep going on this way I just might bug you,

heart mwa! heart

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