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Bullpoopy *yawn* full of crap book xD

Hopeful Bliss
Community Member
RP character (1)
Name: Forenza Haylie Magicaria
Age: 15
Gender: Female
~ drawing
~ flying *her wings are small and hidden by her long hair)
~ fighting
~ guys ;D
~ dancing
~ bossy people
~ People who judge her
~ stereotypical people
~ people who aren't openminded
~ Synthetic things ( Forenza is nature ftw)
Crush: No on at the moment wink but some of the guys in the academy are starting to interest her...
Power: Forenza is untrained and does not know about her ferlena destructos. She can burn you in your mind(Ferlena destructos). This is the most painful death/punishment of all. It is possible for her to take all your fears and everything that haunts you into your brain, it feels like a fire set loose in your brain and there's no way you can stop it, unless you have this power too.
Control fire (Flameth) and water (gustanain). These are her main powers which she can control vaguely. Aswell as having the power of enchantment(Caramellandsenai). Forenza has the sweetest voice and all that hears will be enchanted. Some magicians may be able to avoid theis spell though. Aswell as the power of being able to fly (fless).
Race: Elfen
Sexuality: Straight
personality: Her personality changes from time to time. But she loves being teased and is usually quite optimistic.
Bio: She was born in a tribe but Forenza doesn't know much about her past. She wields a sword that she found high above in the cliffs of Qwetzisan (meaning Hope of the Living) when someone pushed her off. An old sailor found her and she gave him a ring so whenever he needed help she would come. All he had to do was twist it to the right once and twice to left before pressing his thumb to the gem. So she had set off by herself into the world and then found this academy...
Appearance: User Image (she is slightly taller in than in the picture)
Ramella Silver Darkstar

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