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Chaos Flames of the Rebirth
Part V
"The army of Hell!" he answered snappily. "What the hell makes you think that i want to lead the army of hell?! I don't know the first thing about the military!"

The Armor's eyes grew slightly brighter, "We believe you are the reincarnated form of the greatest general of all time. Making excuses at this time is just annoying me. You should be honored to serve me in battle."

"If this is the army of hell i won't be serving you at all! I will be serving the devil!" he said feverishly.

"And who exactly do you think you have been talking to this whole time?" He said smugly.

"y-your the d-d-devil" he said with extreme fear. he notice the armor carrying a greatwsword whit tribal marks all over the blade. The armor was black with similar red tribal marks across the surface.

"Yes i happen to be him, I prefer Satan to tell you the truth. Alright i grow bored of this endless talking." his eyes glowed dimly. "Darius! Take him away to the training grounds and prepare him. We only have a single year until we attack."

The fawn (or Darius) took Leonato by the shoulders and repositioned his to walk to the gates. "Alright take it slow, he may be a little intimidating." Leonato lay silent as they made it to the doors. Darius lead him to the balcony where he got the full sight over Hell. Nothing but Lava rivers and whole legions of the dead were making weapon and flying creatures looked over the progress. Like endless sea's of red they worked tirelessly to please their lord.

"Are you going to just sit there or are you going to come get some flight training?"


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