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Renton White's Journal
this journal that i have is only going to be used for the soul purpose of talking about the game and some times my personal life.
Talking Stars #2: Bad Jokes
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(3 minutes before show)

Renton White: I know he's going to be mad, but having the real Joker on here is dangerous. For example, look what happened to Harvey Dent. He went from famous to Two Face.

Robot: Response: agreeing, but still in doubt. Question: What if he comes here?

Renton White: If Joker does come here, then he'll first have to get through security.

Robot: Response: Security has never stopped him before, how would it be good now?

Renton White: Because our security is wearing clown make-up. Joker would never attack a fellow clown.

Robot: Response: Your lights on, but no one is home.

Renton White: What do you mean, no one's ever at my house when i'm gone.

Robot: Response: Nevermind.

Renton White: Alright, let's just forget about your weird comment, the shows about to start.

(30 seconds until show begins)

Renton White: Okay, let's get ready. Robot, do you have your voice clips ready.

Robot: Anwser: Affirmitive.

(20 seconds until show)

Renton White: Remember, no talking like a robot or saying things like "Affirmitive" or "Comment." I need you to talk like the Joker would. Alright?

Robot: Answer: Confirmed. I am going to access now human talk, with right bodly movements and emotion in voice. Proccessing....Processing...

(5 seconds until show)

Robot (Joker Voice): Complete.

(3 seconds)

(2 seconds)

(1 second)

Renton White: Hello everyone and welcome to the second episode of talking stars, I'm your Host Renton White. Today I could party right now since we made it this far, but the crew and already did. Even though you missed the party, you still get to watch the clown we hired to do his act. Today with me is The Joker...wearing a robot mask for...the humor of it. Joker would you like to say something.

Robot (Joker Voice): Of course Mr. Weird. Oops! I mean White. Or is it Blue. Maybe you should be Mr. Black and Blue, Aha ha ha ha.

Renton White: I'm not sure whether to take that offensly or take as a compliment.

Robot (Joker Voice): In my opinion, you should take as both so don't embarrass yourself.

Renton White: Besides the jokes about me, do you have anything else to say.

Robot: Exclamation: Oh no!

Renton White (Whispering): I told you not talk like that. What's the matter anyway? Is your suit crushing you again.

Joker: Actually, in my opinion, it seems fine. But then again no one cares about the joker when they play cards. And for that they usually get burned.

Renton White: (incomplete, under construction right now.)

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