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Framed in a web of Lies
The latest story in my mind that I may add illustrations to
[A/N: This is an idea I have been thinking of adding illustrations to . Please, those of you that read this story b, be willing to give me feed back. Please refrain from doing the generic critiques such a s" This sucks a**" or " This is awesome" If it sucks please tell me why it sucks . example" Your work sucks a** because you have a cookie cutter protagonist. your girl is a mary sue, you are god modding, and your spelling and grammar are less than sub par" or " I really like your work because you have an interesting idea and plot and I find it very captivating" thank you and without further ado please enjoy the first installment of Framed in a web of lies ]

The truly innocent do not run when they are being chased by repercussions. The innocent has done nothing wrong thus there would be no reason to run, right? Or at least that is true for normal circumstances and by normal circumstances , it is meant for one to be in their right mind. Some circumstances where the right mind instances apply , would be when some one is in love or scared. What makes these two instances similar? People in both these situations act impulsively. If their impulses tell them to run , they will run . Their brains are too scattered and overwhelmed to think rationally. It isn't wrong that this happens it is just human ... or not so human nature.
"Resistance is futile Kyriptin Kills, surrender all hope of survival beyond this point. If you intend to run any further you will be executed "
His body was dragged by his feet by the adrenaline that coursed his veins.If he had a heart it would thunder in his chest , behind his rib cage. It was the midnight hour , and the pitch black night made, for an ominous scene. The four red eyes of the mutated crows followed his closely. The air was filled with the loud barking of the the ugly three headed dogs that chased him . Kyriptin didn't have to be in this situation. He was an innocent , and did not need to escape ; however his scared mind influenced his anxious body then, his feet took of running and silently proved himself guilty without a trial. It did not register to him in his fear clouded mind his present predicament could have been avoided, had he just not run.
Now it was too late , if he stopped now he would be damned to live in a dark cement prison for the rest of his life and never see the sunlight again. He needed another plan. His home the x-column was no longer a safe haven , he needed to escape somewhere he could lay low. the last place the authorities would look.
The realm of soft flesh beings also known as the land where the humans resided. Kyriptin , a demon, a resident of the x-column was fast approaching the dimensional transport portal . As he ran he dug through his deep pockets of his black sweats the key.
" Dont let him get to the portal !, we dont know what havoc he might wreak apon the human race!"
"Do not worry , his key was confiscated "
Or so the authority thought. Kyriptin craned his head to the side and looked back at the x-column attack squad that was tailing him.
" You could not be any more wrong" He drawled in a deep baritone, more to himself than the authority. Two of the men following him tried to intercept him. One was a demon with bright orange hair and a horn on the top of his head. The other was a shape shifter, with sun glasses and a buzz cut. The metal chest plates they wore glared from the moon light making Kyriptin shield his eyes and press on.
"Hault Kyriptin , come quietly and you might live"
The demon narrowed his pitch black eyes
" You dont have to run anymore Kyriptin . Everyone knows what happend ! the only thing you can prove now is that you arent a bigger liar.
Kyriptin grasped his key deep in his pocket.
"Just go back to the compound Kyriptin . You will endure less of a punishment"
The demon sighed . He had done nothing wrong . He looked up at those in his way with no expression on his face. Those before him used to be his friends up until a few days ago. Kyriptin bit his lip and then with drew the key. He channeled the energy the key gave off and used it to scatter the obstacles in his way . He unlocked the portal as quick as he could , before he walked through he turned back to his friend he had attacked and with a sorry tone says
"I apologize , Please forgive me for what I have done , but I am an innocent and that is the honest truth . I will prove my innocence and find the true culprit behind the murder of my team and the leaking of the location of the x-column"

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