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run, or i'll devour your hips.
the fifth day: something.
So, I got a call from the superintendent today. GUESS WHO ISN'T GETTING EXPELLED?
This mother ******** right here. c: Eeeeh~
I've been helping around outside as my punishment from mum. But it isn't much, just like, putting things up, burning leaves, raking, stuff like that.
Today I moved all my books to my bookshelf in my new room. I haven't had my own bedroom in over a year, but I've been built one. It's walls are yellow, I'll take a picture. I've been in there for probably a month, but it's just been my bed and alarm clock. With my books, and my clothes, it's starting to look homey. I've got a big nice French picture I'm going to hang up.
On that note, I'm still waiting for the call telling me when my first meeting with my probation officer is. My sister said I might get community service. But that doesn't bother me much.
Mum got mad at me today because I backed up over a bush. I have to cut it down tomorrow. Tomorrow, My sister, dad, mum and I are all eating lunch. First time we're all being at a dinner table in years. Simply because dad doesn't know about my situation. We don't have a good relationship, so this will probably tarnish it. I'm going to stay at his house 'till probably Monday or Tuesday.
Right now I'm talking to Louis. I swear, I fall more and more inlove with him as the days roll by. Four days into the relationship, and it feels like I've known him all my life.
Here's some conversation;;
darian layne says (7:59 PM)
-crawls in your lap, tugging on the tips of your hair- I missed you~
louis says (8:00 PM)
Ffff, that was so cute. -loops arms under yours around your back- I missed you, too.
darian layne says (8:01 PM)
WHY DOES EVERYONE THINK I'M CUTE. I'M BADASS. -pounds fits lightly against your chest- I AM ALL POWERFUL.
louis says (8:02 PM)
BUT IT WAS CUTE, LIKE FORREAL MANG. -leans forward to kiss your forehead lightly-
darian layne says (8:02 PM)
-flushes, and then smiles- Mmm, kay~
louis says (8:04 PM)
-pulls you in close, chests touching, and ensnares you in his arms- Miiine.
darian layne says (8:04 PM)
-grins, and kisses along your jaw- Yours.
louis says (8:05 PM)
-spine shivers, and he clenches his jaws as he smiles- Mm-hm.
darian layne says (8:06 PM)
-looks up at you from under his glasses- You're aware that you're mine, right?
louis says (8:07 PM)
-smirks, leans in to press his lips against yours affectionately, pulling back to stare into your eyes- Yes. I'm all yours.
darian layne says (8:08 PM)
-smiles honestly at you, twisting your hair inbetween his fingers- I'd have been sad if you sad no~
louis says (8:09 PM)
-watches your fingers, tilting his head slightly- I'm only yours.

Oh goodness, we are disgusting. C:

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