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My diffrent RP characters
Each one depends on what the RP is.

Me, Dustin D Hart. (Modified to fit the fighting world)

Age:17 turning 18.
Sex: Male
Sexual orientation: Straight
Height: 5 foot 10 inches
Weight: 140 Pounds
Eyes: Green
Hair: Dark Blonde
Phisique: Slender/Athletic
Strengths: Technologic Intelegence, Phisical endurance, Resistance to high temperatures. High imunity to biotic infection/skills (Viruses, poison)
Weakness: Cold, Emotional Distress towards wemon, children.
Likes: Warm water, Rain, Thunder, Romance, perversion, using psionic powers (Telekenisis, Teleportation, Spacial disortion [10 feet]), Midevil weaponry (Dia katanas after watching sepheroth).
Dislikes: Christians, Leaders, being used, sex without a relationship*, those who mistreat children, those who mistreat a relationship (To him or to others male and female), Telepaty, mind readers.
Powers: Psionics (Hereditary)/Magic (Learned). Psionics include; Telekenesis, Teleportation, Spacial Distortion (Sheild, Illusions) 10 feet. Magic includes; Weapon Imbuement magics (Fire, Ice, Thunder, Earth), Projectile magics (Low skill; fire, ice, lightning, earth) (High skill; Shadow, Light Beams).

Biography: A 17 year old male who at a young age was tutored by his mother in the ways of magic, in which he only exceled in embueing objects with magical properties, he is currently studying projectile magics while trying to controll a newly awakened psionic power. He likes to feel safe at all possible times, excluding fights in which he seems to turn feral. His greatest infueances on his choices were movies he had seen, including Final Fantacy, Advent Children and Akira (198 cool . He currently wanders the globe, looking for something he can do to atone for all the things he has done.

1: Watch out for his facial expressions, a frown doesn't mean he's sad, it may mean he's disappointed with himself for a previous action.
2: Be wary if he drinks, he gets very provokative and violent.
3: Do not stand less than 10 feet away from him if he hunches over or tences up.

*He can not stand prostitutes and is not looking for a relationship with someone he may never see again.

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