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Let me Break the Ackward Silence. Hear me out. Just my stories and occasionally my rants.

X - my harlequin romance
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A Fighting Word.
This short story was written by me, Pily~Ame, Inspired by "A Fighting Word" by As Tall As Lions, and Edited by Emmysaurus Rex(dang coconuts)

oxoxoxIt was a picturesque scene that belonged in a fantasy. The large bed was draped in plush cushions and silky sheets. The counterpane was hastily thrown about so it formed a frozen waterfall clinging to the edge of the bed. And upon the bed shaped thrown, lounged the sultry queen. 
oxoxoxShe laid on the bed, legs crossed, wearing nothing but a blue pin striped button up and a bewildering smirk across her face. Her luscious dark chocolate hair swirled down below her shoulders, shining, even now with the light so dimly lit. I could smell her sweet fragrance of pomegranate spear its self throughout the room. Her eyes glistening violent lust as she chewed at her rose tinted lip. Her essence surrounded me, the small distance agonizingly separated the temptress from I. the I wanted her. My body leaned against the doorway, holding its self back before it pounced on my lovely right on the spot. I need to cool down but the mere sight of her soft fair skin only fed my fire. Mimicking the same smirk she had cast upon me not so many seconds ago, I start at a walk, my stilettos clinking against the wooden floor, slightly hastening with each step. Stopping at the foot of the bed, she twisted her finger in a lock of her brunette beauty and I let out a soft chuckle before climbing onto the bed on all fours. She sat up, mid bed, her legs still crossed, as I move over to her and nestled myself in her lap, knees tucked neatly under me. I traced my fingertip on her chest, trailing it up her neck to her lips. I could feel her exhaust on my skin. “Do you like?”
oxoxoxI wore a brand new burgundy corset, laced with black trim, oh so magnificently designed. The panties matched the same noir features, as did the nets. My hair was rolled up in an untidy bun, golden locks messily running down the sides of my face. She smiled that wicked grin, sending chills through my spine. “Of course I do. I made just for you, did I not?” She snickered, examining the fabric on my body with her hands. She shot me again with those lovely dagger eyes, piercing themselves into my skin. As she drank in my scent, I began to fiddle with the sliver necklace she had given me; as an ode to our souls uniting; then placing it my mouth as a toy for my tongue. Our sights met, and that was the sign to go all for out. Her hands on my hips, my arms resting upon her shoulders, we slowly move into each other. It was soft and bittersweet like freshly sliced lemons, leaving my mouth tangy. I giggled, she smiled. My fingers lost themselves in bliss as they playfully wandered through her hair and She had moved her lighting lips to the base of my neck. First was a kiss, as saccharine as any kiss she gives, then came a delicious slurping. Her tongue moved itself around my collar, tickling me, her hands moving downward. Then came the attack. I felt her teeth sink into my flesh like a viper preparing her prey. My sudden hoarse shriek sent the corners of her mouth into her signature teasing grinto widen into a catty smile. I winced a bit, tugging at her roots, but arched my back to her as if asking for more. 
oxoxoxOnce again, her canines came to a clamp but this time, the jolt shot through my body fired up into a frenzy. After I cried a painful pleasure, I shone deadly eyes at my lovely serenade, pushing her back to lie on the bed, the bed creating a cradle around her tasty physique. Narrowing my icy blues in amusement at the image of her under me, I hovered to the corners of the bed and call to her, sarcastically coy. “Cuffs or ropes, baby? Your choice.”
oxoxoxShe rubbed my stomach and breasts up and down with firm hands as she was beneath me and sniggered. “Babe, I don’t think I want to--”
oxoxoxI bit down on her shoulder and covered her mouth in mid scream. The sheltered grunt was aphrodisiac, only made better by the after pant. “Uh uh uh, the correct answer was ‘Whatever you desire, master.’” 
oxoxoxShe licked my hand, pushing it away with her tongue. “Like hell am I going to let you control me. No man ever has, what makes you think a woman can?” She called as I cuffed her wrists to the bed posts, both sides so her arms were spread. 
oxoxoxI smirked, my body lying on top of hers, my fingers massaging her outer thighs. “I’m no woman, dear. I thought you would have noticed by now.”
oxoxox“No? Well then, what are you?”
oxoxoxThe demonic beam on my face would have had anyone flip their s**t. “Why, I’m your little monster, baby.” Devil eyes, she shot up to kiss me but I pulled away. 
oxoxox“You’re a little cocktease b***h, that’s what you are.” She barked through her teeth, pulling at her restrained wrists. Surely, I had her angry now. How delicious but I need more fire to bring out her true flavor. “I told you I didn’t want to be tied up!”
oxoxox“Now, now, dear. No need for nasty words.” I pardoned softly, moving her hair out of the way of her chest. I dipped my index and middle finger in her mouth as I leaned down to her neck. "This should shut you up for a while. Darling, just suck away and let me have my fun, okay?” I smiled; a bit surprise as she did as she was ordered, then I went on to do my own thing. A light peck to the neck; downwards came the sucking. Clavicle to chest, my taste buds longed for her juice, only to be seized by blue pin stripes. 
oxoxoxI removed my fingers out of her mouth, only leading her to return to that feisty stage, rebelling against the cuffs. “If you don’t get me out of these things, I will ******** kick your a** right here, right now!” She yelled ever so violent, kicking her legs. I chuckled sardonically, glimpsing at the disturb girl. Making no comment to her, I continued kissing down her chest, unbuttoning her shirt. Gentle now. She calmed a bit, sighing at each kiss, bending her knees up and curling her toes. Down to her navel, the shirt completely undone, I played in it with my tongue knowing how rouge she got when being tickled. “b***h, I will kill you!”
oxoxoxAgain, another dark laugh escaped from my throat as she kicked around, trying to harm me in any slight way. I slid myself up back to her face, straddling her hips, my hands on the in curve of her waist. “Darling, don’t be mean. I just wanted to make you smile.” She smirked, reaching up to kiss me again, this time succeeding only because I let her. She separated, me hoping she would say something sweet but again it was asking too much from her. 
oxoxox“Shut your face up and get to work.” But of course. 
oxoxoxMy fingers raveled in the cloth covering her secrets, which I acknowledged were revealed to anyone willing to know but fantasized that I was the only one. I adored her body, her mind, every inch and aspect of her but she is seeming to only enjoy my works. She couldn’t even comprehend how much I couldn’t without her in my thoughts, my only reason to with forth on with this agony of empty prophecy was because her. She compounded my scattered fragments together, making me want to become a better specimen but to her, I am nothing but a tool. Why do I live with this sense of usage taking upon me as I long for her affection so dearly? Because I know how she works and I know this is the only way to get close to her, to at least be something to her. So as I pull down her hidings and slip them off her silky smooth legs, I never question it. She spreads herself like honey, eager eyes and a call that whimpers for a certain type of attention. A knowing smirk crept across my lips as I headed southward. Entering her, my mouth taking in her deliciousness, the taste that only one of the underworld can put out, I do it with knowing thoughts that right here, right now, She is only mine and mine alone.

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