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Milly Neal
Community Member
Boy friend survey:
What is his name? Scott Malkinson!
How old is he? 19! He's an old fart, lemme tell ya
Where does he live? South Park!
How old are you? 17! So basically it's all illegal!
Where do you live? South Park, also!
When did you meet? 4th grade when i had just moved here! I remember introducing myself and him really not knowing what to do and it was really awkward
what did you think of him when you first saw him? he was uncomfortable and really awkward I didn't really like him at first sight he made me feel bad just by being around him because i thought he didn't like me?
When did you hook up? about 7 months ago? You could definitely assume it was like 7th grade though because we sure as hell acted like it
When was your first kiss? 7th grade for into the woods!
What was running through your mind when you first kissed him? Are our braces hooked together? holy s**t. oh my god. they're hooked together. what the hell
Is he in the military? he's a weenie
Is it a long distance relationship? nope!
How many times do you talk to him in a week? i live with him. literally every day
How many times do you see him in a week? every single day
What do you love more his hugs or his kisses? he's a really sloppy kisser but i like it!! i guess it's equal? Maybe?
Does he play any sports? No way he's a theatre kid
What is his favorite food? Ravioli's, duh
What is his favorite take out place? I don't actually know. He has health problems so we don't really go all out....
Have you guys ever kissed outside at night? Yes 4laugh
Have you ever slept together (naps included)? yes yes yes sweatdrop
Have you ever danced? Yes!! All the time :~)
Does he have any tattoos or peircings? If so, where? Nope! sometimes I doodle on his thighs and tummy, though
Has he ever....
Tickled/ made you laugh till you peed? NO holy s**t i'd cry
Kissed your stomach? Yeah it got me really emotional tho
Kissed your neck? Yeas redface redface redface redface redface redface redface
Kissed your forehead? YES.... redface redface redface
Met your parents? He's met my mom
Done anything spontanious? One time he just pulled plane tickets to new york from his pockets and then asked me out that's pretty ******** spontaneous
Cheated on you? Don't even make me think about that!

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