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Maxxilyn Izumi-
Community Member
I am Maxxilyn Izumi Metal.I am an outcast to alot of people,but I still stay friendly because,I'm not that type of person.I'm human/angel/demon but no one seems to care.One day The Socurge of Edo(misagi)was making havoc by killing all over Edo just for fun.I knew I had to do something about it,but I would stand chance.Even with my demonic and angelic powers together,so I wished...as hard as I can...but then when I finished,something was happening to me...my demonic DNA and my human DNA wrapped around my angelic DNA,turning me into an ARCH-angel...my brown hair turned pearl pink,and my eyes turned from brown to a faint gray as if it were the color of twilight.As I went to go defeat misagi all of my friend were saying,"You don't have to do this!",but of course I refused.Then out of no where Misagi comes and grab my little sister shikai by the neck.Misagi said this "don't toy with me metal!",shikai said this "my...*coughs*..sister will kill you,I know..*coughs*..she can!" Misagi says this "shut the hell up!" *Inpales a katana though shikai's forehead* Shikai's blood landed on my face and I screamed so loud the world heard me.Misagi says "well she talked to much so I killed her" *laughs evily* I dash up to her and she held a katana out in front of her and it impales me in my stomach area.I ignorned the pain and my body was giving of an extremely bright light,I just notice this is the light...of...sacrafice.I knew what was going to happen next,everbody in japan from my friends and family to my greatest enemys who were cheering me on.When I used the light of sacrafice my six arch-angel wing shined brighter than anything I have ever seen before...but the next thing was both mine and Misagi's body was turning into sakura.Misagi was saying "Your an idiot!Why the hell would you sacrafice yourself for those peoplewhy!?" Because I love every single one of them and that will never change,Never...look like our time is up...forever...
6 months later.......
Bell-Dandy:I can't belive Maxxilyn is really gone...*classroom door opens and everybody goes into shock* "I'm BACK everybody!" Everybody goes up to me and starts hugging me all at once,but I didn't really mind because it mean everybody really does care about me I just didn't see it,I guess...I feel all warm inside now that I knew people did care about me.I'm just glad to to be home with my friends & family again...Oh!That reminds me,I can turn into an Arch-Angel but not the 6-winged one for some reason.*sighs* Oh well,I guess it can't be helped...That reminds me,they brought shikai-sis back and I was so happy I started to cry tears of joy.Well,hope to see you guys soon,BYE!!!

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