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you shure you wanna know? the crazy depths of nym`s mind -insert eerie music-

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what the ********
So, this is my first real post on here. I don’t really know why I made one..why would anyone be interested in what a fifteen year old girl does over the summer? I mean, even I’m not interested! If someone pretends to be interested without a back up plan or fountain of creativity, the convo goes something like this; “What did you do today?” “Nothing.” “Oh, cool.” “….”

Yeah..not my idea of a conversation. Just me? Doubtful~

Anywho, I have come up with a very simple solution to this predicament! Actually, not really, I lied. I don’t have a ******** clue. Honestly, I think the most exciting thing that’s happened to me is the fact I’ve been stalked by creepy guys a lot this summer! Besides the normal ‘having sleepovers and playing video games’ and all the normal stuff you can do pretty much whenever, I’ve been stalked countless times in the past month and a half. At first it was a joke because two of them were seniors, so obviously it was planned and not serious, but the weird thing was they asked sex questions, and I honestly had no idea what to do…so I told them to ******** off :)

The next guy seemed nice at first. He’s this Mexican guy (whose name will be changed from Manuel to Miguel for privacy reasons..oh, woops~) and I got his number from my bff Meg (whom I love very very much) and everything was fine. He was really nice and interesting and we planned on hanging out…until he got creepy. He started demanding we hang out and very forcefully suggesting I make out with him and stuff, sooo I freaked out and stopped talking to him..unfortunately, he still has my number.

I don’t know how I got this far off-topic, to be honest…can you spell ADD? (Attention Deficit Disorder, for those of you who can’t). I suppose the point is that I really don’t know why I made this, but there you go! I don’t really expect anyone to actually read this, but whatever; I’m bored! If you like what I write, good for you; if not, ******** you :)

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