Okay, so in order to understand my entries there is a few things you'll need to know about me. I even catagorized them for you, how awesome?

- I live in a high ranch downstairs apartment
- Upstairs is a family of 6
- They have 4 kids
- The youngest is my godson Nicholas who is 6 months old. He is adorable! He flirts with me a lot.
- The second youngest is Giah, 2 years old. She is a hilarious daredevil.
- The second oldest is Antonio, 5 years old
- The oldest is Kristtiana, 7 years old
- The mom is Nicole
- The dad shall be referred to as "Iz"
- I live in Long Island, New York
- My bedroom rocks

- I go to middle school
- I'm 7th grade as of September
- I transferred schools on April 30th due to relocating homes
- I'm a high honor roll student
- I hate health class
- I am not good at phys ed

More coming when needed, some things you'll learn on your own and I won't mention them here. Haha!