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Recentness of Mah Lyfe
Whatever....You all know what a journal ish ryte? Otay so do I really needa put anything here?
My first Tyme being Depressed in my Lyfe (3-23-09)

Ughh Spring Break ended And I have no idea why but I was extremely depressed today...

Nobody cared...At all...

I felt sick and couldn't stop crying and I went to the nurse and got picked up...Then when I told my mom all she said was "I'm surprised...You don't usually cry easily..."


D; And Nobody cares....

My best friend laughed at me...

And nobody even noticed that I left school after 1st hour today....

Then mom took me to the doctor 'cuz I needed a note for leaving...

And the doctor INVADED MY SPACE!! D<
She touched me all over...Dude wth...If you don't see anything wrong then THERE's NOTHING WRONG!

Stupid Doctors don't know ANYTHING!
And I'm what...13?!

My gawd.....

So nobody cares...Doctors and parents just make things worse...
Friends woulda made things worse but I was just hapy to see them no matter how much they ignored me....

People I rarely talked to said they loved my hair...But I could careless about that..Thanks for trying though....


Mom thinks it's all just because of my anxiety but...It coulda only been half that...Because I didn't feel nervous at all...

Ughh...And then somebody had to tell me we had TONS of Hmwk... OUR 1ST DAY BACK TOO!!?

Never again Please....

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