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The picture above is The Blair Witch Cult, a book written by an Anonymous author. It details many of the satanic rituals presumably performed by Ellie Kedward. (A.K.A The Blair Witch. More on her later.) The sources are unknown and the events detailed in the book have never been authenticated.

Ellie Kedward: In 1785, Irish immigrant Ellie Kedward settles in the former town of Blair Maryland, what is now known as Burkittsville. Her Separatist beliefs set her apart from the strict Catholic profile of the town. Later that year, Ellie is accused of luring several children into her home where she allegedly engaged upon a bloodletting ritual by pricking the fingers of each child. The puritatanical community deems that Ellie is a witch, and she is tried and sentenced for witchcraft. Left in the woods in the harshest of all winters, it was assumed that Ellie died of exposure. A year later, in 1786, all of her accusers and half the town's children, had vanished. Fearing a curse, the entire township fled as soon as the weather broke, and had vowed never to utter the name Elly Kedward again.

This is just a rough outline of my favorite witch myth, but you can find out more, along with some actual snippets of what can be read from The Blair Witch Cult on these websites.