I love eating cereals at night!,
I love it when my drawings turn out reaallyyy good.,
I love my hair.,
I love hugging people taller than me.,
I love tickling people bigger and taller than me. makes me feel powerful > biggrin ,
I love listening to music.,
I love listening to music my peers don't know. Thus I can have a world of my own.,
I love ice cream with brownies in them!,
I love how I'm really comfortable in my bed and I don't have to leave.,
I love seeing people who screws me over get screwed over.
I love hearing gossips. They're so absurd.,
I love rainy days.,
I love catching lightnings then say "HEY! DID YOU SEE THAT?!" and they say no. ,
I love screaming unnecessarily while watching horror movies. It's a mock-scream. biggrin ,
I love reading a nice book.,
I love the internet.,
I love my /b/rothers. Oh yes. > biggrin ,
The Game.,
I love knowing something you don't.,
I love staying indoors. But I'd like to go out in the open some time. sad ,
I love the Lavander flower the most. I hate roses.,
I love anime!,
I love my weird friends!,
I love making fun of non-weird people! They're so boring! xD,
I love it when I can insult a friend freely and continuously for the whole day and he'd insult me back knowing that it's a friendly game.,
I love bread. Hot bread.,
I love smelling bread!,
I love to eat when I'm hungry. I smile when I eat.,
I love that I smile when I eat a candy. I don't know, it just makes me happy.,

But most of all, I love my family, friends, and God. WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!