Stranger: hey
You: six-hundred-fifty-eight-trillion-nine-hundred-twenty-four-billion-two-hundred-seventy-one-million-four-hundred-thirty-thousand-seven-hundred-forty-two is a big number
Stranger: prove it
You: okay
You: try shoving a six-hundred-fifty-eight-trillion-nine-hundred-twenty-four-billion-two-hundred-seventy-one-million-four-hundred-thirty-thousand-seven-hundred-forty-two foot stick up your a**.
Stranger: I already have
You: bravo
Stranger: my a** is an entire different dimension
You: I see.
You: think i'd like to try it out some time
You: your a** that is
Stranger: don't
Stranger: its like a black hole
Stranger: pun intended
You: *rotflmao*