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Please read at own risk - and perhaps bring a pair of plant clippers.

Kasumi Roseglimmer
Community Member
I'm reading another orphanage rp in The Gaian Neighborhood subforum. They don't make them like they used to. In the past, it was a group of teenagers writing together so it was really cute and funny to read their rps. But these days, there's barely anything happening in that sub. It's sad!

Every time I find a good orphanage rp, I bookmark it so I can go back and read it again. I keep finding new ones as well, while saving my spot in the subforum periodically. It makes me want to make one! And I'd like to make another daycare rp too. I'm in 8 rps at the moment across different sites though and I can't really fit any more in. Lol. I'm going to have to wait.

In the meantime, reading these things is very nostalgic and entertaining. It's also great that people used anime style art for their character profiles. I prefer that over those so called 'face claims' that people use now. Anime is just cuter and prettier. And more fun to imagine.

I have quite a few plots for rps written down. I was trying to draft up my own orphanage design and plot, so I think I'll do that some more! To be prepared when the time comes to use it~ ^_^

I went on a marketplace shopping spree a month ago, and I got lots of cute items for my avatar. I really enjoy dressing her up now. My ABDL guild is still pretty quiet but hopefully it will pick up the pace eventually. At least I have a wonderful My Little Pony rp with Smcookie1. But he's not online very often these days. So I have no one to talk to. I'm shy, and talking to new people online can be mentally wearing for me. ^.^; So while I could look for others to chat to, it feels a little hard...

My other friends aren't really talking to me at all. If they're going to be inactive for months at a time, or on hiatus, maybe I should remove them from my friends list. You can't have a friendship with zero communication, after all. cat_razz

Regarding rps, I still wanna get a Pae'il pet and rp in the shop setting. But, well...I know it's rp intensive and I have to make a large amount of time for it before I start. I don't want to get overwhelmed. Or keep rp partners waiting on replies. Plus, I was pointed towards their Discord server, away from Gaia, and that was sort of upsetting. I prefer them to be active here rather than over there. Discord is fine for chatting but it's nowhere near as nice a place for rps as Gaia is! Gaia's the BEST!!! cat_blaugh

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