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action, adventure, and alittle bit of comedy
sudden surprise!! (this is the 2nd season of this story!) =D
About a year has pasted after the defeat of neo and of course i was completely bored. Shojo, was still himself an annoying little b*****d. While i sat on my chair watching the Gaia News, i heard a loud crash on the side of my house! At first i was startled and cautiously fired my Desert Eagle all around my house, nearly shooting Shojo of course. Shojo, surprised of my rapid fire, had said "What the ********, Keven! Calm the hell down, i guess your starting to get rusty at this.." "yeah i know just be quiet and let's just check what had happened outside." i said. Bringing my sacred katana and my faithful Desert Eagle i slowly open the door and looked outside the dark area outside my home. Of course Shojo had already came outside like an idiot when he knows we could have both been dead by the sights of our enemies that could had been waiting outside. But, luckily no one was near my home..except some type of strange burning rock that obviously looks like a meteor. Suddenly, my senses came in tact and a shadowy figure appeared in front of the bright moon with an over sized Spear. I quickly moved out of the way as the person shook the ground as it hit the ground. Quickly, i took my katana out and in a flash the figure was about 2 feet near me. At that moment i blocked the figure's attack and the person tripped me.. As i fell and lay to the ground the figure nearly stabs me in the pupil when that person stopped on it's tracks. Then a female's voice came out of the figure...must be a woman. She was wearing a red and black ninja outfit that i have never seen before in my life! She took off her mask. She looked beautiful, she had long black hair, red eyes, and she was about 3 inches taller than me. She then says, "I know who you are..and i need your help, yet..i think i should change my mind by the performance you have given me.." Angry at her words, i shouted "hey who the hell do you think you are! i know that i am a lot faster than you lady!!" "Oh really then shall we spar?" "Of course and if your lucky, let's see if you can at least walk if you don't dodge...THIS!!" I teleported and appeared right behind her, and suddenly she was gone and had came up behind me as well. She kicked the back of my neck and i fell to the ground. As i felt the pain and was on the ground i heard shojo say "Oh come on, Keven i know you can kick her a**! Oh and don't hurt her too badly i need some of that a** when your done, heh.." Suddenly, she threw a shuriken at shojo just between the legs...nearly hitting his crotch. He screamed in fear and ran inside the house (heh, p***y). I quickly got up and then covered the blow of her staff with my katana (wow that is a very strong spear!). Then, i hit her with the handle of my katana and round housed her chest. She flew back and did a backflip before she hit the ground and started towards me. (I can't believe she is this good? What IS she?? How can i let myself get weaker!!) Angry i felt a pulse throughout my entire body as i felt a paper on the back of my head!! Dizzy, i dropped my sword and swaggered around waiting until she makes her blow and my death.. I can't believe she put a gen jutsu paper on the back of my head...! She jumps over my head and i closed my eyes waiting for the final blow......waiting........ "huh?" "hehe, i think i had done enough on you, hun" " 'hun?' What do you mean!?!?" "Oh yea i forgot i'm from the future and you still didn't meet me yet.." The future!?!? WHAT DO YOU MEAN??" "Well i can tell you this...my name is Marcie....i am your wife!"

To Be Continued..

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