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Crimson Red ,moon light night
In the darkest hour of night with the sole light of the crimsome red moon, dose the young vampiress Rose, walk through the dark forest of dead trees. This dead forest is just next to a seemingly black marble wall which guards Rose's home of a dark castle that is like a dark siluette with a red lining from the blood red moon. so from this dark and almost deathly silent time of night dose Rose walk through the dark forest to reach the Crimson pool but as she ventures from furth in the forest dose she notice a slight coloring beyond the dead tree branches. As Rose ventures closer to the odd coloring dose she notice it as a cheery tree in full bloome with a full coloring or pink it almost appears to pull her closer to within it but the only thing seperating is the strangeness it is it's self for it dose not belong in this climate nor dose eny tree bloome near or by the dark siloet castle of Rose's home. with this intruiging strangeness dose Rose approche it close but when she is almost to the base of the tree dose she notice a human figure by the strange trees trunk the figure is in a brown cloak to seem as part of the tree but as Rose approche's close dose the figure move as if noticeing her there. The figure looks up and see's Rose satnding just a few feet away but as Rose looks closer she notices that the figure is and old man of somesort he satnds up then in an instant dose the old man change into a young man of semms to be 18 no less he speaks to Rose
"with such a deathly place will there be a new savrior to bringe life but inorder to do so a love must form of bolth light and dark a betrail must start from bolth to make anew listen to these word wisely Rose for will they bring a new peace to what will become a war of nothing" Rose stood there in shok still trying to grasp of what the old man or young man in this case has said and done. "listen wisely for it was just once it will all happen Rose so choose the right way for the future" with the last of th man's words dose he disapear with the odd cheery tree the only way of knowing that all was not a dream is the falling and fallen cheery tree folwers.

that is a new story i am going to write and id like to know what gaia thinks about it so tell me if you think its good and yes i know theres spelling erros but my key bord is being a pain when useing the space bar becuse it deleats instead of spaceing so tell from 1/5 if its good and pleae comment nicely ^__^

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  • [01/28/09 02:05am]
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