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"fallen rainbow"
whatever randomly comes to my mind i will randomly write down. on some random day...........randomly
my newest poem writen today!!

As we grew older you started to hate and despise
You broke more rules, and told more lies
You made threats on my life, so I did to yours
Our childhood friendship was locked behind vaulted doors

As you were blinded by anger and rage
As you built up the walls around you, your own personal cage
You had me worried for so long
I knew what you were doing was wrong

But I could not stop you…
I was unable to stop you…
So I cried for you, I cried for so long
I knew I wasn’t strong

So I clung to the memories of our past
Hoping they would never fade, hoping they would last
I clung to a time when it was just me and you
In that sandbox built just for us two

Were we laughed and played until the sun swept from the sky
During those years it was just you and I
But that was so long ago, in a distant past
Were time stood still, and days seemed to last

That was before we grew older, and we grew up
Now all we say to each other is sup?
As we grew older you started to hate and despise
You broke more rules and you told more lies

You made threats to my life, so I did to yours
Our childhood friendship now locked behind vaulted doors
A thousand tears I have cried
For the friendship my heart idolized

It made me realize
That no longer before me stood the boys whose smiling face my heart had memorize
No, here stood a man who told many lies
Here stood a man who had your eyes
But the sparkle was gone and so was his grin
And the world around him darken as colors faded and life began to dim

And a stamp was engraved on my heart
Pictures of us in the start
Before hate and despise
Before all the lies
And I will keep this picture, of that boy with his stupid grin
And I will keep that picture even as my lights begin to dim
For it was a picture of you and I
In the days before you got high

And in this picture there were no others
It was just me standing with my older brother.

Coco de la chance

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