'Valentine's day is usually the day for happiness and love, for everyone passes chocolates and flowers to one another. Unfortunatly people don't open their eyes and realize some absolutely despise this day out of the whole year. Either they had their heartbroken or they just dislike the cheery attitude given out. I particularly love Valentine's day. I find it great because it is a time for couples to get together and express their love to eachother. I'm not the type who enjoys flowers and chocolate; I mostly admire men who spend quality time with their dates.' A small pale white girl finished writing down in her journal for today. Her age looked about seventeen and her brunette hair was rather straight. It was a very sunny afternoon and her school had been called off for today had been a Saturday. Her green eyes glistend in the sunlight when she rose up from her bed to look down from her balcony. The girl's expression seem to give out a positive aura and she smiled ever so gently.

"Hey you, aren't you suppose to be at home writing a love note to that girl of yours?" She questioned her friend who was right below the balcony right in her sight. This man had quite a build, but he was slim at the same time. He had dirty blonde hair which wasn't ever fixed whenever she saw him. The girl looked into his hazel glazed eyes which always brought a smile upon her face.

"Oh come on Emii. You really think I would be the type of guy to sit at home and write notes, and especially to her? Besides I don't even like that chick. The only reason I agreed to going out with her is so that I could get a few of those monsters off of me and so I could see how well she does in bed. There wouldn't be that problem if you would just spend a night with me." The guy smiled sweetly as he looked up to her. His shorts reached to his lower knees and were the color white. He was very self-confident and hardly wore a shirt, so he did just that. Just shorts and no top, it was just a regular day for him.

"I'm not going to Jake and you know that for a fact. I'm no slut and you better get that through your head. You're more of the slut especially with you being shirtless." The girl called 'Emi' blushed slightly noticing the guy's six pack and she rolled her eyes. Her shirt was quite revealing also. She had a sleeveles top which rose up to her upper belly botton which was pierced with a small stud in it. Emii's hair had gone down to her mid-back which seemed to cover the back of her shirt. Emii was one of the ideal girls, petite, gorgeous, tough, and smart. Her shirt was black and she had tiny jean shorts on, which altogether, showed much more skin then the man showed. "Also I think it's a bit whore-ish that a nineteen year-old would be talking to me, a highschool student. While, you are dating a girl a bit older than yourself."

"Emily, just come down you know I just want to hang out with you. Besides, you know I always can spare a few minutes when it comes to you." Jake laughed a bit when she and called him a whore and simply shrugged. "Now, Emily, it isn't my fault that every girl wants to sleep with me. How am I suppose to resist that? It's every man's dream and I ended up being one of the lucky guys. Besides your parents aren't home and they wouldn't mind me taking you out somewhere. It'll be my treat anyway." Then with that, he slowly began to walk over to her front door.

"Fine!" The girl yelled out and quickly applied a bit of eyeliner, mascara, and lip gloss just in case she ran into someone. As Emily walked down her stairs she reached for her purse that was in a closet near the front door. It held her handy phone, an ipod, money, make-up, and just in case, pepper spray. "Alright let's go. You better have your car nearby because I am not in any mood to be walking in this hott weather."She complained as she opened the door for Jake to walk in. As the man walked in she bent down and looked for some shoes to wear. Emily began to reach for her for her black heels which was in the back of the closet, but had stopped when she felt breathing on her neck. "Excuse you Jake I like my space." She popped back up and turned around looking Jake straight in the eyes. "Move aside, or do you want to put my shoes on for me?"

Jake smiled softly and closed the door behind him. "I'll put them on you Em." He lifted her up by her hips and laid her down on the couch. Then, he went back for her shoes and sat next to her. "Now, you must know how sexy you look in that outfit. Also, looking so defensless and open..." His eyes began to wander around and then he chuckled a bit. Reluctantly he got back up and gently placed the shoes on the girl's small feet. "Can I at least kiss you?" He wondered and his eyes went soft as he crawled ontop of her rest his chin on her chest.

Emily blushed slightly and nodded no. "No, your girlfriend would kill me in seconds! Get off of me, I don't want any sperm getting on my couch." She laughed a bit and tried to avoid making eye contact with him. They both knew that his eyes was one of her many weaknesses for her doing things. "Stop it, if you keep this up you won't ever get another kiss from me." The girl was quite stubborn and would never give into him unless she truly wanted him. Emily pushed him slightly and sighed, "Well, Jake, now I'm all dressed and ready what shall we do?"

"Hmm, I was thinking about going downtown and take a walk around there." He smiled and finally got off of her and sat to her side once more. "Come on let's go." Jake grabbed her again and picked her up bridal style and he did it quite roughly. As he walked out of the house he grabbed her house keys and her small purse for her. Many guys would make fun of him and call Jake, Emily's slave, but all he was doing was sucking up hoping he might get some action one day.

"Jake! Don't I get a say in this? Ah! Let me down you're all sweaty put me down. What if someone sees us?" Emily shouted out, but she didn't struggle, for it would just worsen her situation with him. "I have two feet and I was planning on usin them, so I could get some type of workout. Besides I'm fat and I'm too heavy I'l hurt you or something!" She complained and glared at him laughing slightly.

"So what if somebody sees us? If it is to be my girlfriend I'll just break up with her on the spot if she has a problem with you. Also you are just like my little princess I don't want you to get hurt, or trip on air like you usually do." Jake chuckled knowing it was right, she was very well-known for tripping on air. "Also, don't say your fat because you aren't. I mean Bella is a fat one and you look nothing like her fat a**. You're skinnier than one of her arms." He smiled at her and kissed Emily gently on her forehead.