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YESSS!!! Lvl 70 AND GETTING MY PVP ARMOR!! almost got EVERY land mount!(cept horde of course)

Jump back in time: The strong-blooded Ivaylo wolves of the Southern mountains, whilst independent in the cold peak, prospered in power, led my the iron fist of Osamu Ivaylo, the proud, steel-blooded ruler that had spread his palm over the Southern region of Japan and claimed the title of warlord over those lands. His reign was long and iron bound by the courage and pride laced hearts of the pure bloods and the protection-seeking range of species that took cover under the demon's supreme rule. They sought the utter defense of the daiyokai and helped him build it. Even human villages caught in the range of Osamu's territory were regarded with acknowledgment, as Osamu occasionally provided provisions for villagers at the cost of only a small tribute. A hearty man, Osamu was a well-respected ruler that possessed the warm heart of fire but did not lack the ferocity and strictness towards misdoers backed by cunning and wits that all demons of old must have. A beautiful, powerful wife of the kindest of heart born two healthy heirs, the young, courageous Kyoya, and the bright selfless Azuki. The Ivaylo's rule was prosperous... until the day where a negative opposing force decided to make themselves known.
The sneaky mountain-dwelling demons that lived high in the snow-capped Japansese mountains sneered down on the lively Southern dwelling. They swelled with poisonous pride and had futilely tried to overthrow the Southern lord, lacking in strength and resorting to leaning on mentally trying to break the demon. Like a gnat buzzing around one's head, the Demon Lord slowing began to lose his temper as the demons began to even kidnap villagers and even so risky enough to snatch those among the manor's walls. Osamu begam agitated constantly, frequently receding to the mountains to silence the fools. Like the instinct that demon's cannot avoid, power snagged onto Osamu's pure heart and wore away at his personality, as the mountain demons continued, and grew in their own power, building up in their still-existing plan to overthrow Osamu whilst buying time toying with the demon. Another feeling began to swell from within the demon lord, a fear, as the snatching increased and with little evidence.
Azuki's mother began to grow ill-weary of her husbands now constant speeches for power-gathering, as did the manor-thriving people, noticing a change within their lord. The Ivaylo clan was being picked off little by little by these foul demons and Osamu was growing fearful of the clans survival, growing more irritable as time passed.
Before his now clouded mind could wrap around what was happening, he gave the announcement he would soon regret. He waged war against the mountain-dwelling beasts, now growing confident in their ability to overthrow the emotionally weakened lord. Many disapproved of this order, even Osamu's wife was she quarreled with him not to go for the clan was already dwindling in size. They also could not endanger the other demon's taking house within the manor. Osamu grew snappy, and eventually lost his mind, vapor-tainted self believing that the woman actually wanted these demons to rule. The previously might demon lord could no longer tell reason from madness.
As if his body was housing himself no longer, he slew his wife, and wordlessly proceeded to carry out the futurly blood-bathed war to the end of his rule.
Azuki and Kyoya had been of acceptable age by the time the war began between the two factions. Their father dragged them off to the war in confidence, taking them immediately so his children would fight instead of seeing what he had left of their mother back at the manor. Oblivious to what was happening, the brave-hearted and still young heirs took their place in their father's war as he led a fool hearty battle.

By the end of the war, they had succeeded... but many warriors were lost, wiped. In fact, only the three had survived. Osamu, Azuki, and Kyoya. And not unscathed. Kyoya had his right eye gouged out, and the other two were riddled with slashes and pierces. Victorious physically... but not mentally or emotionally, they returned hope with heavy feet.
Osamu had forgotten in the heat of battle what lay wait for their return, at the foot of the manor gates, as Osamu had been preparing to leave when it happened, lie the manged, crimson drenched corpse of Azuki's mother.
That had not even stepped a foot within the walls to catch their welcome home whilst Azuki, supporting her beaten brother, stared upon her mother's body. She had cradled the woman's limp form in her still adolescent formed hands, drenched in the blood of her mothers brown with age. The barely conscious Kyoya could still smell the scent of his mother blood as he had been sitting next to his silent, and when his name was uttered from malevolently snarled lips, Azuki had snapped.
In a devastated, blind rage of tears, she had immediately torn her wearied father's throat out, seeking retribution for her mother's murder. In that split second, the Southern lands were ruler-less.
Kyoya had not fully expected his sister's actions, but had not the time to discuss them as the young girl had soon passed out next to her mothers corpse, exhausted from that war that had taken place just minutes before.

Kyoya, being the older male heir, had to resume his proper seat in the Southern throne, but it did not fit correctly to him. It had been a few hundred years, and the man had grown into a fine young demon, but the day his father died, his sister had left, disappeared as soon as she regained consciousness (Kyoya had eventually lost consciousness too, but by the time manor-dwellers found him, Azuki had awoken and gone), she had fled into the dense forests. No one despised Azuki from slaughtering her father, as Kyoya had later informed him on what crime the demon lord had committed himself, but she had felt the forests suited her being more than royalty where madness lied sleeping in everyone's hearts like a snarling beast ready to lash out at loved ones.

Unfortunately for her, Kyoya never sat well with his sister gone, he disliked ruling, and found he honestly was never good at it. Too quiet he was, and lacked the iron fist Azuki inherited from her dreaded father. And of course, as soon as he heard the slightest murmur of a strange looking wolf demon bearing similar resemblance of amber hues and inky hair sighted wandering about the forests, Kyoya did not miss his chance to regain his sister. With much quarrel after finding his sister typically in a clearing where they used to play, Azuki grudgingly decdied to take her seat as ruler, regardless that Kyoya was older. The laid-back female, having developed so after years in solidarity, deemed herself unfit for the position, but continued a reign, not quite a determined starting as her cursed father, but she soon developed her own pride for her rule, due to her disregard for her own position and having personally visited her followers with an informal manner about her.

Of course the paperwork would need some hundreds to get used to.~

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