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Journal of your (everyday?) girl What ever is on my mind. Is it on yours too?

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Alrighty then. If you have read my prof you know that I am in the Debt Collections business. Hate me if you wish but if you are hating on me it probably means you owe a debt and are angry at yourself. Anyways I got irked by alot of things at work today so I felt there are some things needed to be addressed for those who are interested.

1)Charged off does not mean that you don't owe a debt!!! It means it became a debt!!! When a company charges off a debt it means it offically became a bad debt and got sold to someone.

2)If you don't owe something, you know you don't owe it, and have proof you don't owe it...DO NOT HANG UP ON THE COLLECTOR!!!! There are things that they can do to help in this situation!!!! This also goes for fraud!!!

3)The economy is not a good reason!!! The only people in my book who deserve to use that reason are people who are self employed, in construction, and people in real estate. These people are directly affected because in their case people have to be able to afford to pay them for them to get money. Get it???

4)Unless a company is calling you more then once a day it is not harassment!!!! It is legal, whether you like it or not, to call every day!!!

5)Unless you have severe med issues age means nothing. I personally know a woman who is 72 years old with both knees replaced who is a manager at a Wendy's. You can get a job!

6)Can't find a good paying job where you live??? Try a McDonalds or a Wendy's! They are not jobs that are below you!!! Know why??? Because that person at the register serving you a big mac is making more then you arn't they???? Exactly!

7)If a debt collector calls you... and you don't know the person... don't be rude -.- you have no reason to be just simply say you don't know the person and would like your number removed... it's that simple.

cool DO NOT I MEAN DO NOT!!! SAY YOU DON'T HAVE TO PAY A DEBT BECAUSE ALL IT IS IS INTEREST!!!! It does not matter!!! Ask if you can settle the acc for a smaller amount because it does not matter if some of it is interest! When you signed what ever document and it said on it that it would accumulate interest you agreed to that! You agreed to the interest rate! You did not agree to just pay off what you spent you agreed to all the money you personally spent, all the fees, and all the interest! It is not an excuse!

9)On that topic don't say you won't pay a card or what not cause you don't know what was bought with it!!! It does not matter, it is in your name and your ssn matches! You bought a little too much your bad now pay your debt!

Before someone has the chance to say, I realize I am in a line of work where I have to deal with being yelled at. I do not mind it actually. I realize that everyday I'm going to talk to atleast one jerk who thinks he knows it all. But the things I'm putting in this are ridiculously stupid things that people do and I would just like to spread the word. Thank you for reading.

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