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Female characters

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Kwon ji yong
Choi seunghyun

Minor characters
Dong young bae
Kang daesung
Lee seunghyun

- 23 years old (korean age)
- TOP bias
- wants to improve rapping
- majors in singing / acting
- VIP 06
- playful and bubbly
- lina's cousin

- 19 years old (korean age)
- G-Dragon bias
- wants to improve dancing
- majors in singing / rapping
- VIP 06
- playful and fashion obsessed
- chrislina's cousin

Kwon ji yong
- 24 years old
- BIGBANG's leader
- majors in singing, rapping, lyric writing, and producing
- wants to improve acting
- has been in the music business since he was seven, debuted in 2006
- hardworking and a fashionista

Choi seunghyun
- 25 years old
- BIGBANG's main rapper
- majors in rapping and acting
- childhood friends with ji yong
- debuted in 2007
- playful and goofy (choom TOP) also reserved

Lina and Chrislina, two cousins, are on their way to debuting as a duet in YG Enertainment, but before they were informed about that YG's CEO suggested that they should have two months of special training bfore their debut stage. Assigning Korea's top idols, BIGBANG, to be their personal trainers and permanent producers

1 Always

Sitting on the plane it almost felt unreal to me. Chrislina and I were on our way to Seoul, Korea. The place we've wanted to be since we found out about the great impact their music had on our lives. Specifically BIGBANG, the one group of people that influenced us and made us realize what we wanted in life, the one thing that really made us happy.

This was just a regular vacation though. We were on our way to the YG Entertainment building, Chrislina and I were accepted to become YG's new trainees, working under the same building as BIGBANG. Chris was nineteen, I was fifteen. We knew it wasn't going to be easy. It was only going to get harder from here, and most people know its not easy at all to get into the company. Maybe it was just a lucky break but it was definitely not something we would regret. Not everybody could say they got into one of the top music industries in Korea.

As time passed we only became more anxious, sleep was definitely not an option. The excitement was eating at me, I'm sure Chris could have said the same. She was just as much as a fan as I was. We bought their merchandise, went to their concerts, and supported them every chance ewe could. Others thought it was strange, but to us they were more than just regualar artist. They were people we admired for their talents and personalities. We loved them for who they were and what they did. It wasn't just some silly teenage phase for us. They were the ones that inspired us to do what we dreamed of doing no matter what anybody said.

"What time are we supposed to be landing again?" staring at my phone I didn't bother turning to look at Chrislina. I was busy looking up the weather in Seoul, plus we both knew that if we made any eye conact it would only make us more impatient. We were going to wait to land before we got too excited about anything.

"We should be landing soon, I can actually see the airport from here." she replied, pointing out the window to the airport.

"I still can't believe this is happening." she continued on. The both of us still avoiding all eye contact.

I tried thinking of something to say, but the thought just left me speechless.

"Yeah." was all I could manage to say.

2 Turn it up

After moving to Seoul, waking up early in the morning wasn't as hard as it used to be. It had been four years since Chrislina and I made our first steps in this beautiful city. I can still remember our jet lagged nights and excitement over every little thing we saw. Even though we were homesick and missed our families it was still one of the greatest moments in our lives. Plus, we had each other and that's all we really needed.

It was exactly 6:57 AM Korean time, YG had told us we needed to have a meeting with him this morning at 7:30 sharp. She and I usually set our schedule to wake up around four or five in the morning so it wasn't something we were complaining about. Cleaning up after a morning practice session we quickly gave our praises and thanked everyone for practicing with us. Living here, even our manners had become something that was unintentional. It came to us like instinct.

"Just get ready and wear something nice." Chrislina reminded me as we headed back towards our dorm.

"I know, just give me a second." I replied calmly, or at least as calm as I could seem. A meeting with YG always made everybody nervous. If he clalled you to his office you were either doing something really right or doing something really wrong.

After taking a quick shower we rushed out in fear of being late. Being late was never a good thing in a place like this. If you couldn't be punctual then there wasn't a chance of survival. Rushing in Chris' car we made our way back to the main building. The drive wasn't a long one, but the feeling in my stomach made it feel like years.

"s**t man, ever since we've been here I've only felt anxious."

"Same here." I replied to her with a laugh. The only thing that was probably keeping us from flipping out was the music that we were blasting. Anybody that knew us well enough would know in an instant that it was BIGBANG. "Knockout" was actually not the thing that was loud enough for people outside it hear but I bet it was our rapping along to it, which wasn't too bad thanks to the four years of training we had.

"We can be the next GD&TOP" I joked playfully, using an inside joke between us and the other trainees. The pairing was perfect, I loved GD and she loved TOP, we always joked around about being like them when we were younger.

Reaching the building we finally cut off the music and made our way to the boss' office. Waiting for the elevator was not something we really had time for so rushing up the stairs was our only option. As tall as the YG building was, a normal person would probably get exhausted going up the first few flights.

"Two minutes to spare" Chris said with a smile as we saw the door to our destination. Holding onto the door handle I took a deep breath before opening the door. What was standing behind it knocked the breath right back out of us. The president was sitting in his chair behind his desk with a pleasing smile across his lips. The sight made me a little less nervous, we weren't in trouble, at least we didn't think we were. Around the room were the black couches that were always there, but this time filled up by five people. The five people that happened to form BIGBANG. Between them were two, most likely for the two of us to be sitting.

"Good morning." we both said simultaneously along with a ninety degree bow. Walking to the empty seats we sat down, trying to get into a comfortable position so we wouldn't fidget too much. Our nervousness was already showing, I was sure of that. My heart was a hammer against my chest.

"Since we're all here let's start." the president said in his usual nasally tone that made the hairs on the back of our necks stand. "Do you two know why you're here?" he continues, asking his usual question that made everybody panicky.

"No sir." Chrislina replies to him, turning her head to take a quick glance at me. I looked at her nervously, the silent conversation we were having with each other sent a chuckle out of G-Dragon, who was sitting diagnolly from me. Seeing him from my peripheral vision made my heart skip, his killer smile wasn't something you can react normally to , especially in person. Looking up we both looked at the man sitting behind his desk. The one person that was pretty much deciding our future for us. Seeing him take another breath we pursed our lips, trying to anticipate what he was going to say next.

"It's been four years since you first set foot in these doors, you've improved a lot since then. I will be setting a debut date for you exactly two months from today, that's January 14th. It'll be a new year. You'll be the fresh faces of our company." he said calmly with a satisfied smile

Chris and I instantly shot a look at each other, wide eyed and wide smiles. This had been a dream we've had for a long time and it was finally coming true.

"I'm sure you know these boys. They will be your personal trainers until you debut, they will also be your producers, which means you will be spending a lot of time together." he informed intertwining his fongers andnplacing his forarms on the desk. Taking a look at them they nodded and smiled in agreement. Smiling back at them I bowed to them while I sat, Chris did the same.

"Work hard and don't mess around. You don't have as much time as you did when you first arrived here." he said calmly again giving us a nod that signalled the meeting was over. On the inside I felt like screaming my heart out. I just wanted to hug Chrislina and jump around the building, but a reaction like that would probably not be best when authority was around.

As the boys made their way our of the room, we followed behind them and closed the door.

"Nice to meet you. Let's work hard." Kwon Ji Yong said reaching his hand out the shake ours. Shaking Chrislina's first he then moved on to me. It was the most nerve racking thing ever, I felt like fainting on the spot. When we released they took their leaders example and shook our hands as well. When the oldest member made his way to us, I could tell that my cousin was about to explode.

"I'm Chrislina. Nice to meet you too." she said to them politely. The two of us were lucky we were able to keep calm in front of them. Only god knew what we were really wanting to do in our heads.

"I'm Lina, its nice to finally meet you." I said with another bow, mainly keeping my vision on the group's leader. He hair was slicked back and he was wearing the usual studded suit and dress shoes. He was the most charming thing ever, I really couldn't help myself.

"We have our first practice at ten. Thats only a few hours so rest up while you can." Ji Yong spoke again with his voice smooth as silk. Waving goodbye the five of them turned around and took off. Chrislina and I bolted out of the building back to her car. Once we made it and climbed inside we looked at each other and let out screams of happiness as we took the road home.

"I'm not dreaming right. Oh god, we're the luckiest people alive." I told her. We both rambled all the way home. Getting out of our car and walking back to our dorm. Once the door was opened we both ran inside and locked the door. I couldn't explain how we were feeling. We were the happiest people, no mateer what happened nobody was going to change that.

3 Somebody to love

"Let's go now, I want to be at least thirty minutes early." the older member of the duet reminded once again for about the time. I was used to it by now, ever since I was a kid Chrislina's family was always about being early. Punctuality was pretty much something that ran in their bloodline. Well, I guess I should say mine as well.

"Got it Chris, heard you the first time." I told her with a light chuckle. Walking towards her I quickly tied my hair into a messy bun, my usual hairstyle for every practice.

"Alright, lets go."

Leaving the dorm we quickly made our way back to the main building. This would be the third trip today, we didn't care too much though. We both had very good reasons for it so we couldn't complain. This car ride was just as anxious as the last one. We were going to be in the same room as BIGBANG, practicing together, and alone. It wasn't something we were very used to, seeing idols was pretty rare in all honesty. If anything I would just say that we were extremely lucky. Maybe thenpresident really saw something in the both of us that we couldn't see. Whatever it really was, I just hoped that's what the boys would think.

For once, drowning our feelings in BIGBANG's music didn't do us any justice. If anything it made our stomachs churn. It wasn't an enjoyable feeling, despite us being extremely happy. When the car came to a halt we climbed out and walked to the bew practice room we'd been assigned to. It wasn't the room we were used to but most if the rooms were built the same so we were sure we wouldn't have a problem adjusting to it. Opening the door to the room we both had the same reaction we did this morning. Perfection hit us straight in the face and it may have been the greatest feeling ever.

"Hi." I said trying to sound calm, instead all I could manage was a shy and quiet mumble, which was nothing like me at all.

"Hello." Chrislina said to them a little more confident than I did. Okay. A lot. She was always the type to be bubbly and playful. Not to mention her acting talent that always helped her in situations like this. Walking past the I went to place my things on the bench, hoping to calm myself down a bit. The mirrors all around the room didn't help one bit. Everywhere I looked all I could seen was G-Dragon, G-Dragon, and more G-Dragon. Taking a deep breath I managed to look them in the eyes. Chrislina had been having the same problem but we were both somehow able to hide it. Before the two of us could say anything GD was quick to break the ice.

"Since we'll be together a lot how about we get to know each other?" he asked looking at the boys, the Chris, then shooting a smile at me. If I hadn't been used to it by now I'm sure I would have had a heart attack. I'm sure one was going to be on one of our ways soon though. With GD's smile and TOP's eyes it was bound to happen at some point.

"I'm Kwon Ji Yong, the leader of BIGBANG. This is TOP hyung, our main rapper. Daesung and Taeyang, our vocalists. Then theres Seungri, he's our maknae." as he introduced them he pointed to each member, in reply they gave a smile or a bow.

Even though Chris and I were pretty sure who they were, we didn't say anything. We took advantage of the time to think of how we should introduce ourselves. Of course my cousin was quick to avoid an awkward silence between.

"I'm Chrislina, I'm the older one out of e two of us." she said quickly giving me the eye signal that it was now my turn.

"Oh, I'm Lina. Since I'm here I think I take the title of maknae out of the seven of us now. I'm also the leader." I told them fiddling with the ring on my index finger. A lot of people thought it was strange but I had the same habit as G-Dragon when I wore rings, which was most of the time. Seeing him take a look at me I was sure he found out about our common trait.

"So are you two close?"one of them said. His deep voice filled the room and sent chills down Chrislina's spine. He was tall compared to us we had to look up to talk to the oldest member. Looking up at him wasn't easy though. His striking eyes andvperfectly sculptrr face was not something anybody could just ignore. On the inside I'm sure she wanted to just run up to hug him. It made me wonder though, when we attended their concert, did he remember she was the same girl he threw his towel to. The thought made a slight smile form on my lips.

"We're actually cousins." I told them simply. I was pretty sure she was pretty starstruck by now and we didn't have time for stuttering. After telling them that they seemed a tiny bit surprised, it wasn't very often two relatives were in the same group. I was glad that my partner was Chrislina though, we were together since we were kids, but in all honesty BIGBANG was the reason we became as close as we are. Before that I was a bit awkward around her, we didn't have anything in common until then. That would be some story for them to hear, they were the foundation of our relationship.

"Wow you two have been together for a long time then." Daesung said in his usual chipper tone and charming smile.

"Of course, since we were kids."

"A good relationship is always key. I'm sure you guys will be fun tomwork with, I'm excited." the one and only Ji Yong said to us. Not as excited as we were, there was no way. They just met us but we've known them for as long as we could remember. We went through the development of BIGBANG together with them since they day they debuted. "So who's your favorite?" he asked jokingly with a smirk.

"G-Dragon." I said straightforwardly honest with a grin. It was true, he was my favorite person ever and I wasn't afraid to admit that to anyone, including him. He chuckled softly, covering the bottom half of his face with the back of his hand then brushed his hair back and bit his lip. Seeing his sequence of actions I was now extremely positive he was perfection at it's finest.

"I like TOP." Chrislina said with a laugh, causing Daesung to completely over react. As he pretended to be completely heartbroken the oldest member pinched him on the back of the neck. When we saw that she and I looked at each other, ToDae moments were one of the best moments and we saw this on up close. They were the cutest thing ever. Taking a look the other members Taeyang didn't seem to mind but Seungri looked a tiny bit upset.

"Yah hyung, they're beautiful don't you think?" The younger Seunghyun stated with a smile probably trying tonwin some points with us. BIGBANG's maknae infamous for being seen with women. Even though we saw it coming Chrislina couldn't help but smile at the comment, I felt heat upon my cheeks. Avoiding eye contact I tried hiding the fact that my face was probably completely flushed red.

The oldest member nodded and let out a small chuckle. GD didn't hesitate to shoot me some eye contact and give me butterflies with his smirk. Glancing at Chrislina I noticed her nervousness wasn't hidden as well as it was a few minutes ago, seeing her take a deep breath made me more nervous.

"Shouldn't we be starting?" I said to them in a firm voice that some people back home were a bit afraid of, directing it towards Seungri. I was serious about my work, which resulted in a tiny bit of a bossy tone, but someone had to take initiative. Plus with them there, I was just going to work harder. Once again the boys let out a chuckle that would make any and every fan melt in a heartbeat.

"Aish, take your work seriously." the leader scolded the youngest member, still keeping the smile on his face and glancing at me once more. I was going to need him to stop that at one point, the last thing we needed was for my heart to stop. "You're right. Let's start by telling us what your majors are." he stated clasping his hands together in front of him.

Chrislina looked at me, signaling that she would speak first. "I sing and act. I'm still trying to improve my rapping though."

"I'm sure you and Tabi hyung will get along fine then." he said encouragingly before I felt his eyes on me again. "What about you Lina-ssi." he continued softly and once again made me a puddle of happiness.

"I do singing and rapping, a bit of modelling too. I like fashion and stuff. I try to help my unni with her rapping but I'd appreciate the extra help from one of you oppas." I replied to him calmly, the last word seemed to strike a cord in him for some reason. Maybe it was different being called oppa by a foreigner, either that or he liked it. The smile on his face was as wide as could be, showing his perfect top row of pearly white teeth.

"She's like you hyung! Its perfect!" Daesung said excitedly trying to be cute, once again making me blush and laughing at my reaction. The others laughed cutely as well and nodded in agreement. I never thought that I would end up working with the person I admire most and be paired up with him immediately. Chrislina laughed along and nudged me on the arm with her elbow, giving me a smirk. Glaring at her, I quickly changed the subject and got us back on track.

"What are we starting with first?"

"Eager to work, I like that." Ji Yong said with a chuckle, not helping me control my emotions whatsoever. "All we're doing today is seeing your skills then we'll evaluate them afterwards. Tomorrow comes the real training. You'll need to rest up and it's always best to know who you're working with so we can get to know each other a bit." he explained to us. He obviously knew what he was doing, anybody could see that the one and only GD was very professional and sophisticated at what he was doing.

"Do you want to start Chris?"

"No... You can go first."

"Fine. What should I do first then?"

"Why don't you do it at the same time?" Young Bae said in his soft voice, it seemed like a good idea so we agreed. Though we still weren't sure how to start.

There was a small moment of silence before anybody said anything. They seemed like they were debating on what I should start first, of course Ji Yong didn't hesitate to take initiative. "How about your vocals" He said backing up towards the wall so I could stand in the middle of the room. "So what song are you doing?" he asked with a hint of excitement in his voice.

"Better time than any right?" Chrislina said with a smirk on her face looking me in the eyes. Getting the hint I smiled. Chrislina and I always practiced BIGBANG songs and this was just the perfect time and place to perform. We had a perfect song that showed our vocal and rapping skills. Instead of telling them anything we left them in the dark as Chris plugged her iPod into the speakers. Scrolling through the songs she clicked on it to play and took the spot next to me.

As the instrumental began GD and TOP grinned widely.

"Baby good night." I started with GD's first verse. As the sound filled the room I was honestly quite satisfied with it. After my short intro was Chrislina's rap going along with TOP's. Even though she wanted to improve her rapping, she was already quite good at it. The mood was set right, the tone and harmonizing was perfect, and considering the way the boys were moving to it they seemed to think it was good as well.

When the high notes hit G-Dragon seemed pleased, he smiled at me and gave me a look of interest. He seemed to be attached to my talents while TOP was attached to Chrislina's. Even though he didn't say much he didn't keep his eyes off of her, which I'm sure made her nervous. Seeing the boys enjoy our performance made us happy, I felt like laughing during but I had to keep my cool. It would be a bit bad if I bursted out laughing during a performance. When the song ended we bowed to them politely thanking them for the listen, in return they gave us applause, which made me extremely happy.

"I can see why they're debuting soon." Tabi said nicely with a smile. All the two of us did was smile, we were happy they liked it. If they didn't I would hate myself. We both knew it was far from perfect though, that was the reason they became our trainers, so we could at least try to be as perfect as they were.

"You two are great, we'll evaluate today and tell you about it tomorrow. For now you two should just rest until then." their leader asserted once again. I honestly wanted to hear the evaluation immediately but I knew they needed to talk about it and come to an agreement. Noticing Ji Yong lift up his sleeve and look at his watch I wondered if he had a schedule today. Turning to his partners he whispered to them something before they said their goodbyes and left. Ji Yong stayed in his spot. Chris and I looked at each other as he approached us. "Here's my phone number, just text me with your name or something. That way I can contact you when I need to. Practiced dismissed." he said kindly walking us to the door and opening it for us.

Chrislina walked in front, leaving the room first, I attempted to follow behind her before I felt something tapping on my shoulder. Turning my head it was pretty obvious it was Ji Yong, he and I were the only ones left in the room.

"Did you need something?"

"Wanna get lunch? Its twelve." he said with a smile. "As leaders, It's ,nice to have a duet at YG. Something new. Maybe we can plan things out, or tell me about your plans." he said kindly. I was a bit too starstruck to think straight.

"Oh, um. Sure okay, just give me a second." I said to him, pointingnup my index finger telling him to give me a moment before running out the door. Looking around I saw Chris and ran to catch up with her.

"Where were you? I was just aout to call you." she said to me.

"Uh. Go back without me, GD invited me to lunch."

"What!? Already?"

"Its for our future plans! Geez, I'll see you later."

"Okay, bye." she said with a laugh patting me on my back.

Running back towards the practice room I saw him leaning on the door. Seeing me walk towards him he stood up straight and shoved his hand in his pocket.

"Sorry about that. So where to?" I asked him, messing with my rings again.

"I hope the cafeteria's fine, I can't really go anywhere on the down low right now." he said with a light laugh.

"Oh right, I'm not really used to eating lunch with idols." I said jokingly causing the both of us to laugh. As he walked next to me I kept playing with my rings, switching which finger it was placed on and rotating them, making it extremely obvious I was nervous.

"You don't have to be nervous." he said with a smirk.

"It's kind of hard not to." I replied to him as he opened the door to the cafeteria for me. continued softly and once again made me a puddle of happiness.

"I do singing and rapping, a bit of modelling too. I like fashion and stuff. I try to help my unni with her rapping but I'd appreciate the extra help from one of you oppas." I replied to him calmly, the last word seemed to strike a cord in him for some reason. Maybe it was different being called oppa by a foreigner, either that or he liked it. The smile on his face was as wide as could be, showing his perfect top row of pearly white teeth.

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