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Reverend Thom-09x's Journey
She has a car now; she doesn't care. Used doesn't even tip the iceberg at all, nevermind rocking it. Another blonde with alterior motives, no desire other than a mode of transportation. We drove far away, but then we came back, even though this town doesn't feel mine. I don't care either. I shouldn't. I'm not that desperate. Oh no, oh god, I am. ********.

She dances in the puddles my mind collects, enjoying the storm she herself sparked, like the very electricity that lights the sky, and her cuffs don't even dampen. It's as though she's unaffected by the torrent she unleashed, painting those memories over the same tattered canvas only to watch it all blur together as it drips into the ocean of emotional bullshit I can no longer stand to view, calm sky or not. Set in the west. Set anywhere already, Sunshine. Just set, and leave me to my rain sprinkled night.

So I ended up having a complete breakdown over all this s**t, specifically my health right now. This absess is killing me slowly, and I can't get in to the dentist til the 18th, and I'm out of work for other medical problems right now. Our vocalist Z had his life shattered as he was denied the airforce. Permanently. All his dreams gone. My girlfriend is going crazy along with my mother as they both fight my grandmother to keep her alive. I could keep going, but I don't feel like it anymore.

Either way, this song brings our EP together to make a concept album, officially now, this track detailing the emotions of a certain woman after having destroyed her lover. Enjoy ^_^

The Nameless Song
by PandaSteak

Verse 1
Wave after wave at your consciousness
while the flames of panic and eniquity
lap at the synapses of your core
Hold your breath and let your head fall appart

Chorus 1
You close your fingers none too late
over the dice we call your fate
take the trigger like the reigns
lose control of your life again
hear the hiss as the steam rises
fills you up and carries you off
off to new horizons
A thousand sparkling surprises await you beyond

Bridge 1
Oh “God”, look at what you've done.
Damned “God”, take in what you've caused.
Beautiful “God”, the only one I'll ever love,
Dead “God”, the one I have undone.

Verse 2
This is how trainwrecks happen:
Hanging by fingertip,
by the stray thread that binds it all in.
twisting our wrists to the lip; to the

Chorus 2
Edge where this has happened.
Suckerpunched by the reason:
the reason that you lost it,
then lost it all for a possible lie.
So pack your soul back in through the lotus,
Pack the bags set under your eyes
Hurry, dry your eyelids,
Aim your chariot for the rising sun

Lyrics: "Say No to Submission(To Be Confirmed)"
By IX(me)

It's been such a long time,
& you were such a great find,
Laughing down the grape vine,
But this time they are tears.

Even though you ask nice,
Looking back on our fights,
Taking us to midnight;
Our Zero Hour.

I did say no.
I will let go.
(Get down, get off,
Get up, get out.)x2
There's no point in screaming now.
Fill up, foot down,
Fill out, ******** up.
Fall out fell in,
My life again,
At the sight of your wide eyed winter.

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