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1. Day One
Me and my squad entered a strange gate, curiosity
got the best of us... little did we know those... things...
resided behind the gate. They slaughtered half of our
men, and we have no idea of how to fight them... all
we know is that they look like angels and appear to
be crying blood, and that whenever we look at them
they turn to stone for as long as our gaze lingers...

Day Two
My god, this place is horrible. It plays tricks on your mind,
warping you from a calm, serene city to something out of
a nightmare. Worst of all, we can't leave. We found the city
edge, and ran. I don't know how long we ran, it must have
been several hours... but... when we turned around... we
were only a few yards from the city edge... then they
returned, and did away with more of us... I fear that I will
ether die by their hand, go insane... or somebody else will...

Heath Rating---- ?
Attack Rating---- 5
Defense Rating- ?
Speed Rating---- 2
Range Rating---- 1
Overall Grade---- ?

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