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Welcome to Mistlan's Random Writings where the subjects are random and the writing is as unique as it'll ever be. biggrin
Maybe I was just being paranoid tonight. Maybe my family was right it's nothing. I had a nasty scare tonight. Did I just get hacked by my sister?

I went to login to one of my accounts today and low and behold a second e-mail appeared, that shouldn't have been there. It had my little sister's name and a number that's all I can say. It sure scared me. It might as well be written in ectoplasm. My heart just froze up in my chest right away. I cried to myself, went checking for anything that was missing. I already have a history of my sisters stealing stuff from me and getting in my room. I know running around like a headless poultry is not a way to make proper progress but, I looked through books, video games, art(that I treasure) and everything to see if anything was missing.

I immediately went to my parents to talk about all this. They're proud of their security measures which include locking everything. Which I do but then I remember some of their past history. They've been known to pick locks and have set internet accounts in someone else's name before. I guess I wasn't convinced. I was frantic when I talked to them.

Note to self: I shouldn't be so panicky when I'm calmly making a statement. Gets on my parent's nerves.

I know I should be confident about what I do. I always lock the door when I leave. Dad yells when I lock the door because he always hangs out downstairs. It's his favorite hangout besides the garage. Then he just leaves it there; unlocked. I know I shouldn't be scared but I keep all my artwork in my art studio. It's downstairs too, along with lots of items I've worked hard to earn. I'm especially proud I kept my Nintendo DS in good condition, along with a few game machines that you just can't buy anymore.

Today is the day that I've learned what Paranoid really means. It's that feeling that just clenches your heart in its icy grip until your whole rib cage freezes over. It's a feeling that makes you yell, even when you're not meaning to; especially when you're trying not to panic. It's that base instinct that is carved into the human nature that's called "fear for the future." What's going to happen to me? What's going to happen to the sliver of space I call home? What's going to happen to my two Pokemon games and Naruto Manga?

Well, I did what I could. Even though I'm still a little scared. I can work with being scared. It's like Jack Skellington once told Sora in the GBA game Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories(Did I get that name right?). He told Sora "That fear is a sign of a strong heart."
So maybe I do have a really, really, strong heart because that extra e-mail scared me really, really bad.

I've changed all my passwords and beefed up my security, "Old School Style" meaning if this ever happens (or happens again), they'll have to go through password after password after password and even more password after password. My sisters don't have the same memory I do. That's my strength, I'm human, I'm a computer nerd, and my specialty is a good, good memory. With that, I feel braver, I notice more stuff around me. Thanks for listening if you ever read this. I just wanted to get this off my chest.

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