Mkk, so alot of you are saying.... WTF IS THE OVERMIND D:<
And I reply... OVERMIND FTW!!!! biggrin
The Overmind
The Overmind is the original leader of the Zerg Swarm and the center of their hive-mind society. According to the contextual history of the game, the Xel'Naga wanted to make sure the Zerg did not suffer from problems arising from individual egos like the Protoss had, and so created the Overmind to act as a single consciousness. However, the Overmind grows at an exponential rate, becoming sentient and aware of its masters. After luring a space-faring race to the Zerg homeworld of Char and assimilating them, the Overmind attacks the Xel'Naga fleet and, through the assimilation of many of the Xel'Naga, learns of their experiments on the Protoss.

Too lazy too read? Or is still confused?
Its just a giant alien mind that controls an alien race for another alien race, but it rebels biggrin
Kerrigan is a half zurg half human that backstabs everyone biggrin
She made me kill Fenix, a protoss buddy of mine D':