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Dear Diary, My thoughts.

Community Member
:[ sadly this actually made me sad//pisssed....
lemme give you background on this.
this lil girl ummm im guessing around... 13? 12?
keeps talking s**t about me.
&& i have no clue who she is.
but im really close to asking some one for her address.
-.-" can i ever get a break??
well heres the mssg:

Okay, Just to Clear things up.
Leave Marilyn alone, she didnt do anything to you.
First off your a little hoe.
You have only been going out like what 2 weeks and already sucked his small d**k.
Second off dont denie that your a whore becuase I dont want to hear it.
Don't try to talk to my boyfriend or I WILL
break your neck.
DONT ever call me a little girl fat ********.
And I know when you send me a message back your going to be like LITTLE GIRL LITTLE GIRl, Now that s**t is for 3 year olds.
I dont care if your in High School, Oh what Freshmen?
Now you leave Marilyn alone, or you will deal with me, her, and Chelsea.
I dont play games.
And I am not telling who you can or can not talk to, You CANT talk to my boyfriend.
Becuase listen you little hoe, I DONT care if you mess around (OH too late!) but you ant going to try NOTHING with my boyfriend.
Or I will severly hurt you.
And just so you know I really dont give a ******** about what you say.
And if you dare call me a whore, or anything I have been with my boyfriend for 1 year 4 months and 1 week exact.
So what now hoe?
You dont got s**t against me.
But if you try to hurt Skylar, my friends, and Andy.
I will kill you.
Becuase I dont mess around.
Call Andy crying you little poser.
BOO HOO some girl was being mean to me!
Well, go cut yourself you wannabe emo freak.
In this world, You wont get your way.
So, to say this any nice, ******** OFF FAT ******** WHORE GO SUCK SOMEBODYS d**k.

Much Phyciatric help,
Your worst ******** Nightmare.
By the way the names Alicia.
And My boyfriend is Skylar.
Andys best friend.
And I really dont give a damn.

gahhh {grounded}
i can only get on the computer on the weekends!!

&& cant be on the phone past 7!!

well to all who read this...
i miss you!!!!!

buh bye loves!

the reason im grounded is because aliens invaded the schools computer..
&& gave me two evil F's!!!
why me?!?!


speak to you all later

heart heart

Community Member

Community Member
Emo Day
Why is it that i
get called a whore?
i do not get it.

because i am so not a whore.
i am a normal girl.
who had sex with a guy.
who she thought
she was madly in love with.

but according to most ppl.
i am the biggest whore they know.

...im not sure how this could be.

i try not to listen
or care what they say
because i kno they are wrong.
but the truth is.
i spent most of my day
crying over the whole thing...

please let 2moro be better...

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I love Derek William Durham so much.

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