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Story and Song
Community Member
Art Gallery
I trade/give away art occasionally.
I put all the art that I either give or get here.

Art I've given away:

May 21, 2012:
[x]For S2--Lavie-Chan
[x]For Artits
[x]For xXTitheXx
[x]For AnalDisfigure-
[x]For II DizzyHizzy II
[x]For semen-eater and seshoukaru
[x]For A Puppeteers Puppet
[x]For Lindsey Uchiha
[x]For iiShadoww
[x]For Relinquished Desire
[x]For MinecraftGirl88
[x]For StolenHeartSMVT
May 22, 2012:
[x]For ArtemisoftheCrows
[x]For Florida Love
[x]For TrollKhan
[x]For a twilight end
[x]For Organic Jello
[x]For Riokko_Flac
[x]For TtheHero
[x]For maikaymon
[x]For Vrene
[x]For H e i d i Hannibal
May 21, 2013:
[x] For Ravvrtastic
[x] For Taiigah
May 26, 2013:
[x] For Vermis Pallidus
June 22, 2013:
[x]For The Devils Quest
September 11, 2013
[x]For marcos v2
[x]For Sunfroste
[x]For Eien kiseki
October 11, 2013
[x]For iThorki
[x]For Daminineon
November 12, 2013
[x] For Dinori
January 20, 2014
[x] For Stinatardis
[x] For Alpha Wolfkin
[x] For Otuen
[x] For Atrapenna
[x] For Elesteria
[x] For Roma Primakov
January 21, 2014
[x] For Tel-Jilad Squirrel

Art I've traded
[x] for [x] with kaiyou-mieu [2011]
[x] for [x] with Teunie [2011]
[x] for [x] with That AngeI [2011]
[x] for [x] with Zairou [2011]
[x] for [x] with Lunaric Sun [2011]

Art I've recieved:
From Noobul <- This guy's style is so awesome QwQ [2011 freebie]

Art from way back when my username was still iAmOniChan:
From Nimbas
From Bloody Doom
From Mizusagi... I think.
From ???
From Hikaru_Kuuran_Ishino

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