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Various myths and legends of Gaia's Boogieman
Various myths and legends of Gaia's Boogieman

The harvester;
According to myth, The Boogieman is a creature that lives inside the darkest depths of our dreams. He shows up when we are the most frightened, lonely and insecure to lull us into a false sense of safety. And with the trust he gains, he'll lure your soul away and feed on it, so that you'll never wake up again. Alternetely, keeping the souls locked away in his own realm to keep him company for all of time.

The omen;
It is said that if he shows up in the dreams of a parent, it is a sign that something horrible has happened or will happen to their child shortly. Can also be foreboding of a tragedy within the close or distant family, or warn you of an accident in which you will partake.

The guide;
Some theories claim that he is the guide of the lost souls of those who have passed away in their sleep, helping them find their way in peace. And that he helps those who get lost within their own dreams to find their way back unharmed.

The bringer of fear;
Legend has it that whenever The Boogieman visits a person in their dreams, he grants them a new fear or phobia to haunt them evermore. But it is also said that he is so afraid of his own face, that if you can show him a reflection of it, he will retreat and leave you be.

The cursed trickster;
The stories of old tell of a trickster who could frighten and startle even the most proud of men, until one day they ganged up on him and cursed him into eternal nightmares. But the trickster escaped his own dreams and went on to terrorize all those he came across, simply for the heck of it. It is said that if you toughen up and let out a hearty laughter when he scares you, he will instead befriend you, believing that you have the same type of humor.

The saviour;
Some people believe that The Boogieman is someone who suffered a terrible fate in his life, and therefor remains to save the lives of others when he can. There are stories of people who have been scared awake by him, only to find themselves in a life-threatening situation, such as their home being on fire, or being moments from a heart attack. Only thanks to waking up in time, their lives could be saved.

The haunter;
There is a disturbing rumour going about where he is known for driving people to the brink of insanity. You will begin to see him in your dreams more and more frequently, haunted nightly by his terror. In time you, will see his face every time that you blink, and hear him whisper to you in every moment of silence. And so it goes, until you lose your sanity altogether, believing that he really is there.

The guardian;
An increasingly popular belief states that The Boogieman only shows up to fight away all the other horrible creatures that lurk inside your dreams, helping you battle your own internal fears, saving you from whatever damage they might do. Though some claim that this is only in order to feed from their strength, to ensure that he stands the lone ruler of his dark realm.

The reaper;
A less-than-sweet theory claims that he lives in the darkness under your bed, where the light won't reach. As soon as all lights go out, he'll come crawling out and reap your soul while you are sleeping. This is why one should always keep a nightlight on. Some also say that if your room is pitch dark, then he can escape your dreams and haunt you when you wake. Others also state that a light source in the room will bring out his good side, and spare you of the terror.

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