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yay....my birtday....
My birthday was yesterday...yay...
I woke up to my mom telling me nothing but crap. You hair looks bad, your styling your hair wrong. Other people will make fun of it.
So I head off to school waiting for the first person to start making fun of my hair. The whole day I was looking over my shoulder.
Only two people remembered it was my birthday. None of which were teachers.
A few of my friends wouldn't talk to me because the day before we had an assingment and I, along with another partner in the group, veto-ed the name they wanted to give it.
I had to stay after all night, to do the sports and what not i'm in.
When I got home my mom kept complaining about me.
I received only one phone call from my entire family remembering to wish me a happy birthday. The rest had completely forgotten about me.
My dad yelled at me because something the dog did, by the way, he says that dog is his, but when some one has to clean up after the puppy they all suddenly agree it's mine.
I have none of my homework because of all the crap i had to do, and my family demanded I sit down for at least an hour and talk about why i was in such a bitchy mood. My mother was at a loss why I could possibly be mad at her, totally forgeting the morning.
Plus, just the other day, my boyfriend and I broke up. The wonderful man, lied to me, cheated on me, yelled and fought with me because I was still friends with a couple of my ex's. He absolutely wouldn't hear that they had already moved on to new girls, but was sure I was cheated on him with all of them. It sucks, you know? To have the person you thought was the greatest thing in the world lie to you, cheat on you, and yell at you because you were friends with a couple of your ex's.
Yay...happy birthday...

New puppy
I just got a new dog! He is only a month or two old. He is a sharpay or whatever, mixed with a chocolate lab. My father name him Mike, though my brother is trying to rename him goob! Bleh.
I already bought the little guy a crate full of dog toys and a big bag of dog treats.
The dog already knows who in the family will pamper him, so when I leave him alone he barks and whines until I return. Last night I almost fell asleep with him in my kitchen, on the hard-a** floor.
He is sooo cute. Since yesterday, when we got him. he has always been around me. I would take the little dear to school with me if I could!

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