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Gamma Akutabi1228
Community Member
new jokes
ok heres a couple i got off of parrie home companion.

Q: Why'd the chicken cross the road
A: to show the deer how its done

knockkock, whose there, absent minded, absent minded who, ... im sorry what?

last night i was in my bed watching the stars and the moon in space thinking to myself... what happened to the ceiling?

a big scary man walked into a bar and sat down at the counter. He looked like he was ready for a fight so every body kinda avoided him. He said, "Everybody on my left is a no good sonofabitch, and everybody on my right is a homo" A man from the left got up and the scary man said, "were you goin' boy?" "'scuse me sur I was on da rong side."

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Windy Maximus
Community Member
comment Commented on: Fri May 11, 2007 @ 11:32pm
A doctor and a hospital directer are walking down the hall. TYhey walk into a room, and see a guy jerking off. So the director asks"
What the hell is going on here" and the doctor says"He had heart problems, so this is how we are treating him" so the director nodded, and they kept going. They walk into the next room. There a nurse is having sex with the patient. The director gets mad and says"What the hell is going on here?" And the doctor says"The guy has the same condition as the last one, but this one has better health insurance "

comment Commented on: Sun Jun 29, 2008 @ 08:13am
ya know what i love
when u go to the market and there is a couple fighting about some worthless crap that nobody cares about
and there just screamin at eachother
i call it the nothing-fight
it's like a man is asking his girl "do we have jelly in the house?!"
and the girl is like "i dunno what is jelly where is jelly ... , i get hives if i even look at jelly "
and the man says" i don't giva ******** 'bout your jelly problems .......
i want jelly in the house right stat now!!!! ...
i swear if you dont get jelly now then i will pray TO THE GOD'S OF JELLY ... to burn your soul in a jelly like hell!!" and im like " holy crap i gotta get in this" and to leave you food right there and someone comes in and wants the exact same crap as you and they're like " oh my god JACKPOT !!!" and the couple is still fightin
and im like "hey dude i hear ya 'bout the jelly thing ... yea tell this t**t to get some jelly "
and the guys like "THANK YOU !!! yea ya see this is how much jelly is worth to people so get some god damn jelly in the house ... what was that word you used umm ... t**t!!! great word dude , great word ... yea get the friggin jelly now"

Community Member
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