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please read my jernal, and feel free to add a comment

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Down, down past evolution lays the world’s weirdest species, they are called the humans. With there lack of abilities and their massive knowledge the average human creates things like the atom bomb, or even the average gun. As you can tell the human mind is over cast for a more massive storm. You may hear from recent concerns that the human is the most evolved species, and that they are massively superior. Though when you think about it, most human life ends by the fierce touch of those bigger or smaller, such as bears and weapons. How are humans superior you may ask? Well they have mastered the use of the thumb, and they have become potty trained, oh wait a dog and cat can do that. Even with all their knowledge, though, through previous events, the human has a short life span. They can die from a heart attach, they can die from a weapon, or you can take them to McDonalds for some good old fashion poison. The average human (male) is honest at least 2% of the time, the other 98% is just a little fib, nothing more, nothing less. The average human (female) has never lied in her entire life, they always tell the truth at least .1% of the time.

If you look closely, there are different standards to the average human. We have the babies, who’s only notion and words are goo goo ga ga and waaa. Then we have the toddlers, who are bent on world domination, witch would explain the lack of cookies in the cupboard. They also have what are called children, who think they want everything and need everything. If you look closely, some parents result on showing them who is boss, a good smack should do it. But then again even if they are shutting them up, they also loose a kid to the evil people called social services. So if you’re a parent who can’t get your kid to shut up buy some ear plugs eventually they will grow up and move out.

The good news there are humans that are mainly called teenagers, or teens for short. They have no life what so ever, though when you think about it they are never around, take that time to lounge back drink some wine and celebrate, at least until you get the call from the police to bale them out, then you grab a baseball bat and head for the car.

Then that brings us to the average adult, these are the people that officially hate life, they are over worked and under paid. They do anything they can to support themselves, and if they are married and have kids they also have to support them as well. Yes the human adult is a fascinating creature, from there corny saying to their out of date styles, the average human adult will stop at nothing to ensure there disgusting hell whole of a future.

Then we have the last line of evolution before the human’s death (good riddance) The creepy old folk, They spend their days looking out at the scenery, most likely trying to find out why the kids are running on their lawn. These creatures roam quietly; they are becoming an extinct mammal in the world. Some are known to nit what are called scarves (we all know they are just a ploy for escape) that’s why the humans have the old folks locked away in what is called an H.O.M.E. which probably stands for House of Missing Evil. It’s ok though the humans have them eating vegetables and drinking prune juice, hopefully it will hold them off until they hit the grave.

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comment Commented on: Thu Jan 25, 2007 @ 03:11am

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