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A Random space for my crazy thoughts(no seriously, I'm half nuts)
This is just where I'm gonna' write about myself, how much I love Tre Cool, how crazy I think I am, How I can relate to some People, Crap like that.
I wrote a song...
Alright, first, it does have a background story, Well, One day, I think it was on, yes, Monday, I had come to school, and my boyfriend dumped me, first saying it was a girl on this IMVU thing, then saying it was because he's afraid of relationships, BULL. I went home later that day only for my friend to call me and tell me he asked her out.
Now I wasn't upset with her, it was HIM I was pissed off at, so, the next day comes, and I literally torture his butt, however she still accepted his offer, so the next day comes, and I tell my friends about a dream I'd had the previous night about the guy I'd liked even before my ex getting me, well, pregnant, redface , so he overheard a small part of it while we were in the hallways, so he had me write the ENTIRE thing down, and give it to him, I gave it to him at the end of 7th period, and he decided to stick around with me, so He was telling my Ex that it was a wrong choice to dump me, then my Ex implored that my friend was a way better girlfriend than I was (HAH, I would've done ANYTHING ha asked.) and so the guy I really like told him it was still a bad choice, so I chimed in saying that he did the right thing in dumping me, and that no man, or person for that matter, in their right mind could love me, so I go and sit down (This is just about where the first of the song takes place) and so he sits across from me, then moves over to me, I have my hood up and covering my face, and I'm just crying like mad, so I scoot away, and he scoots next to me, and I'm expecting him to be getting ready to yell at me for either the dream or the comment I had inputted, so I tried to scoot away but he told me not to, and I'm just, WAY too obedient to him, so I didn't, and I just cried some more, and so when we were supposed to go to our after school hour of homework (This is where room three thirteen comes in, it's a class room, we all go to different classes by last name). he held his arms out like he wanted a hug, so I grabbed my stuff since I was too ashamed, but he said come on, and so, just like in the movies where the girl hugs the guy and kisses him, but without the kiss and without the entire "I love you, I love you too" bit, that's what happened, that's where the first part comes in, second part is just what I want, third part is the simple truth and onward. So, that's the background to it, and here's the song.

Tell Me You Love Me
By Tatiana Green

I want to feel you arms,
slip around my sides just one more time.
I want to feel you breath,
slowly running down my neck,
as we're both wearing sweaters behind room three thirteen.

* I want you to tell me,
that you love me,
I long to see your face when I go to sleep at night,
I see you in my sleep,
and when I wake up in the morning,
my one goal is to get to you.

I want to hear you,
saying hello to me,
and then we sneek off,
into the library,
hide behind bookshelves,
and under tables,
and then the bells rings, and we become 'Just Friends.'


But then again,
This is a simple dream,
but it secretly makes me warm,
Thinking of room three thirteen,
Oh just Imagine,
How happy I'd be,
If you just said that,
You love me.
(* x2)
If you just say you love me.

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Community Member
commentCommented on: Thu Apr 26, 2007 @ 02:26am
if you think your that bad at singing stop writing songs jk

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