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A Squirrel's Musings
I use it for random talk and for OC stuff and for wish list/collection records.
OC: dream (10/28)
there was a weird one, in 3 parts? (3 very separate parts,, maybe??
(idk my count is off or i forgot one or i stuck them together lol)
(1st pov is actually a few scenes)

the bit where the pov chara was a boy/young man who has real bad anxiety
and his adult/guardian is this immortal spirit that has a human form who took 3 kids as students (is this a naruto au somehow...) & wholeheartedly became responsible for all of them.
only, pov chara needed the guidance & reassurance the most so the spirit in the form of the human gave him the most care/parenting

there was a really weird shack/mini home that can only be reached via a weird key system/obstacle course & this big (height & width) lady who had a witch hat?? climbed up a rope (that hung pretty high, no one else could grab it, it was so high) to reach a bell?? or something which triggered the next bit which also required height or was it balance? eventually there was a button that opened a room on top of a stilts/hands structure (it was pretty much a 2nd floor thing)
somehow this whole thing was an exhibition like thing, like a tour;
the s(pirit s)ensei seemed to be a really famous person back when they were all in the midst of things (but he's now retired & happily living/honeymooning with his (human) boyfriend)
the witch/hag person seemed to one of his old teammates

and then the people in the tour buzzed around (but not literally) close by & someone darted into the room (how? it was off the ground by quite a bit??) & grabbed a flyer/souvenir thing inside the room despite it saying "no entry" or something like that
then pov chara thought he'd go in b/c he knows the people that own it & see things up close for himself & he asks his bf to wait at the outside of the line of the room
(wait a sec it opens like a dollhouse?? what?? also i guess there's a bit of place to stand even outside the room)
like i think he feels nolstagic & he doesn't touch anything and is about to leave but his sensei pops up and scolds him for not making himself at home b/c he's pretty much family & to not be a stranger, etc etc

there's a part where he's on a phone call with his bf & he teases him by saying something(?) & hanging up on him and then on the phone a notif pops up saying that he can check if he wants his sensei to wait/delay before checking up on him (the implication being that he used to get overwhelmed/super anxious & hanged up on people b/c that & his sensei would get notified to help bring him out of his head/reassure him)
and well it seemed like his sensei was on the phone with his bf & pov chara felt a bit guilty for making him worry even tho he felt like there was nothing to worry about
and so he tells his sensei that he did it on purpose & it was just for fun & his bf understands & no one's sad/angry & he thinks that he's grown into himself a lot

then there's a bit where the sensei discusses pov chara's old camp stuff with him (like summer camp type thing not just literal camping)
and asking which ones he liked best
pov chara thinks back to the disney(?) camp thing except he gets choked up & panicky just thinking about it & sensei hugs him and rubs his back & calms him down
and then he thinks of another camp, called mori camp(?) except it was when he was a lot younger and it was for little kids and he's all like 'but i can't attend it now i'm an adult' no matter how soft he felt in that
and sensei's all like, i'll make them listen to me/give you a chance to attend somehow
& notes that his attendance back then wasn't completely usual either
and pov chara is embarrassed but sort of really pleased that someone cares about so much to do stuff like this
it's like the sensei is his dad
spirit sensei is like an immortal spirit and has lived for many years and thinks his students as children despite them being adults in human years now

2) a hard shift to another pov (i don't know if it was before this one or not??)
but pov chara is a lady this time - she's stout and somewhat manlike(?) (lol i just mean unladylike) (frumpy maybe)
ok so she's going into the underworld(?) (maybe it's something where spirits are) and some boy's following her around (idk who he is....) - ok like he's a teen not a little kid
maybe it's more basement like than underworld but there are these giant pillars and streets leading to rooms & it's a bit like an office space but dark
she navigates them & goes into a house & i think one of her sometimes contacts/informants lives there??
the teen keeps on trying to pocket things & she removes the items from him
but the owner of the place comes back and she notices that the teen has another thing in his pocket while they're close to the door & she rats him out to the owner (her good rep with merch is more important than kid's rep/continued unpunished existence lol)
she even offers a small punishment for him & demonstrates on himself to make sure it's not bad - a staple into arm (it's the thick staples like for fences & the ends of it don't bend inwards); she doesn't feel much of anything from it - but the merchant notes that some of her skin(?) is flaking off, some sort of arm/skin condition? very thick skin but literally? who knows
and so the teen gets a staple in his arm lol

i'm imagining she's another of spirit sensei's students - she's very self sustaining & grounded in the way that 1st pov chara isn't (he's always anxious and gets panicked a lot)

somehow i kept on thinking spirit sensei was like a fox spirit but like a white fox with many tails??
his bf is a ruggedly looking man who understands he'd put his students first
they may have worked together before dating??

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